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Needs feds to mandate interoperability standards that must be met within 24 months; mandate that ALL EHR records be exportable to another system at very low cost on request. 84 months ago 0
EHR's have a long way to go to deliver on their promise. They need more physicians knowledgeable of work flow on their team and need to incorporate physician recommendations in a more timely fashion. Login issues, lack of adaptability, failure to deliver promise on improving safety and reducing errors. Appalling lack of basic features such as alphabetizing lists , spell check, flow sheet and dashboard for easy access to latest clinical data. Very poor formulary and ICD code search. Lack of programming resources to respond to repetitive physician requests. Cumbersome coding for level of service. 95 months ago 0
My initial use of the system shows it to be fast, intuitive, flexible, and powerful. I've been using EMR for all notes since 1991 (21 years!) so I have a lot of experience with this - I used 3 different EMRs prior to gCare. 104 months ago 0
Speed of system is better now than when I started to use it, but still needs to be even faster. 114 months ago 0
This system resembles a paper chart in electronic format, and doesn't allow for multiple layered windows to be open like a typical Windows based system. 118 months ago 0
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