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Practice Fusion

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    420 Taylor St San Francisco, CA 94102

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excellent 48 months ago 0
This is a free EHR system. Therefore it does not have all the functionality we would like, however, for a brand new practice starting out, we are unable to purchase a better system. 61 months ago 0
Need to be able interface with other users who do not have same EMR. WILL need regulatory effort to change this. Also my practice volume has decreased due to "death by a thousand clicks". The majority of the data is useless and does not contribute to patient care. Need contribution to EMR development by practicing Docs, not academics meeting with programers and VC in silicon valley. 63 months ago 0
This is an EHR that costs $0.00! 63 months ago 0
Yes. All the above questions miss the larger point. The concept of EMR is currently BAD, they are NOT-EFFICIENT. It is not dissatisfaction with PF. Practice Fusion is one of the better EMRs. Cost is only for IT support and hardware. BUT - the reason for dissatisfaction is that EMRs are horribly inefficient. Multiple clicks to enter everything, the system doesn't think the way physicians think, was not invented by practicing physicians. I can either cut my number of patients daily and therefore reduce income, or put in an extra two hours per night to produce useful notes. ie, I can handwrite a prescription in 10-15 seconds while talking to a patient. To enter it via the EMR,requires multiple clicks, nonsense interactions pop up, etc. When a new patient arrives with a list of many meds, I just photocopy the list and scan it into the EMR and enter individual drugs only when a refill is needed. Also - I do NOT trust the privacy of EMR's. Anything can be hacked, so my subjective part of the note, which is most useful for diagnosis, is never as complete as it would be in the old handwritten chart. Meaningful use is not cost effective. The amount of added earnings from Medicare would be negated by the time involved. So we never did MU; now Medicare may cancel out Phase 3 anyway. The only ones benefiting from EMRs are those selling the EMR or being paid to train medical personnel on use. Why should there be so much training? I don't need a course on how to order or change my airline reservations! Sorry for the long discourse, but as you can see I believe current EMR's are a huge waste of time. And I worked on computer applications to medical data decades ago, before EMR's were used, so I am not anti-computer. . 64 months ago 0
It has won a lot of awards, but I can not see why.. 64 months ago 0
Practice fusion is relatively easy to use, but it is not organized well. If I want to view old notes, labs, radiology etc, it takes a lot of time to toggle between the different parts of the system - can not stay in the note and view other data. 65 months ago 0
It is adaptable and free. 68 months ago 0
No fee to use this EHR. 83 months ago 0
No matter what kind of EMR is used, extra time is needed for documenting office visits. 83 months ago 0
I do not believe the EHR has advanced medicine. I believe it has negatively impacted psychiatric care. 83 months ago 0
I did not pay for it but a lot of the things above are only a function of not having the time to learn it. I cannot afford the loss of revenue and only see 5 patients a day and spend the next 6 hours figuring out and setting up the thing. None of the labs want to play with me because I am a specialist and do not have enough volume, no radiology in our area connects, if I fax consult or note from my system the referring doctor receives six pages, 5 of which they do not need, so I print out my note and fax it manually, like every ehr I have to keep switching from my note, to the medication list, to the allergies, to my last note, to some other screen, when evaluating a patient, at least with a paper chart I felt everything was right there, I have a harder time remembering the patients and their problems as every note looks the same. If the government gave me $100,000 I could take 2 months to learn the thing. I believe quality of care has suffered and my notes are not as good. It probably does a whole lot more than I have time for and is more efficient, but who has time to learn it. 83 months ago 0
It takes too long to do entries. 83 months ago 0
It's not my EHR I'm dissatisfied with. It's MU objectives that I am unable to meet. My EHR is Practice Fusion. I order lab/imaging at our local hospital which has Epic Healthspan as EHR. No interoperability so I can't send or receive lab/imaging results as required by CMS. CMS has done NOTHING about interoperability and expect me to meet objectives. MY EHR has patient portal but I live in rural area with Medicare/Medicaid population without computer literacy. I am expected to receive a reply from patients who don't have computer at home. If not, I am penalized. 83 months ago 0
Practice Fusion is a simple EHR. Complex functions required by meaningful use are not supported. 83 months ago 0
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