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Gotten used to it, works adequately 48 months ago 0
There are no spirometers that interface with our system, yet we were told there were. 84 months ago 0
The EHR is a waste of time and money. To maintain my level of productivity I had to hire a full time employee to enter my encounter notes into the computer. If I entered them myself I would have wasted 20 minutes per hour (I timed it). I do the same thing now that I did pre-EHR but have to pay one extra full time employee to do the added work. There does not appear to be a single benefit to my practice. I believe I will scrap both the EHR and the extra employee and accept the financial loss. 84 months ago 0
The next upgrade is supposed to help... SUPPOSED to. 84 months ago 0
We really like our system and having viewed a number of other systems are happy we chose this system. 84 months ago 0
My charting time increased from 1 hour a day to 3 hours a day and over 4 years has improved minimally. The ability to generate a coherent note that can actually pass on information is dependent on how much time I want to spend typing. The notes are only moderately readable for content. The best features are access from home so that when I get a call I can have access to information and the ability to cite previous PMH, FamHx and Social Hx into a note so that without opening previous notes I can review old information. 101 months ago 0
This program appeared to be the best obstetrics program out of the many that we previewed over an eight year period. 102 months ago 0
The system has great capabilities--I just don't have time to learn how to use all of them and the scanty training and hassle of getting any support/questions answered is horrible. This is by far THE WORST (and most expensive)decision/mistake I have made in my 25 years of practicing medicine. I'm counting the days to retirement.......and will probably bail early if I have to keep this up. 102 months ago 0
I am not unhappy with EHR and I speak on the topic for a few entities. These systems do not communicate well with others, they cost money(a lot), they do not save time, and they do not reduce errors. They might in the distant future but not now. 103 months ago 0
Dermatology is my specialty and this system is in no way ready to be implemented in it. I was misinformed at the time of purchase that it was ready to handle dermatology. The company has since stopped advertising that it is ready for dermatology. My practice is in no way more efficient, nor will it be in the foreseable future. Nor are my patients safer, in fact there are many more chances for errors. 104 months ago 0
The lack of interface to local HIE is a problem. The time needed for data entry makes me function at a pace about 60% of 10-15 years ago. There are no registry or population management tools. So much data is in scanned files that we have a cumbersome paper record that just happens to exist in electrons rather than in paper files. No data can be trended. No quality metrics exist. Narrative medicine is actively discouraged. The entire enterprise seems designed for coding rules than for patient care. 104 months ago 0
Too expensive, especially when it comes to yearly maintenance. 104 months ago 0
It has been very difficult or impossible to create templates that we are happy with. It is definitely NOT medical-oncology specific = big regret. It has been financially & technically impossible to generate an interface between Intergy and our software for chemotherapy ordering. Our system requiring a tremendous amount of free-text/typing. 112 months ago 0
Waste of my valuable time and it will not help a surgeon or the office. 113 months ago 0
There are many improvements that could be made but for a first generation system it is probably on par with most of the other systems 115 months ago 0
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