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Meditab Software Inc.

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Excellent system. 83 months ago 0
The vendor adds features for marketing purposes but hasn't fixed problems, including safety issues, that have been present since before I implemented it. 84 months ago 0
Very customizable but takes significant physician time. Always a work in progress. I am still tweaking the system weekly. Efficiency is improving. Overall, EHR is superior to paper. Data input takes too much physician time. We need EHR systems that employ video, audio and voice-to-text translation. Dragon voice recognition software is only about 90% accurate. My EHR does not communicate with the hospital's Epic system. The hospital used to send paper reports. We have difficulty retrieving the information from their system to scan into our EHR. Most of the EHR systems do not communicate with each other electronically. We are still relying on fax transmissions. 84 months ago 0
This is our 3rd EMR in 18 years and by far the best. It is very powerful and so it is complex and we are still learning how to best use it. However, even though we continue to look at other systems, we cannot find another program that is as complete, as flexible and as powerful for our practice's needs. 84 months ago 0
The biggest problem with IMS is the support staff. They do not respond to EHR issues in a timely manner, and there is no follow-up to inform that reported issues are being resolved or worked on. We have constant problems that electronic prescriptions are not going through to pharmacies, with no clear resolution. We are unable to use our EHR for ordering labs, because IMS has yet to create a functioning lab interface for us (after 2 years of use). We are already a third of the way through 2014, and there is still no updated build of IMS that can accommodate PQRS functionality that will satisfy meaningful use stage 2. Customization of the EHR is a problem as well. It is impossible to create individualized templates for use by a single physician. Any changes made to the system templates affect all users -- how can one possibly have a large group of physicians agree to document care in an identical manner? 85 months ago 0
Has never been able to produce an "Ob Flowsheet" in the similar style that ACOG has which means that when we forward records to the hospital (which we do routinely) pages and pages of irrelevant information are faxed. There is no EDD calculator. There is no way to see lab trends that are relevant to an Ob practice (maybe more user friendly for internal medicine?) "Drop=down" box choices make no sense so we are constantly writing paragraphs under "other". 102 months ago 0
Our biggest problem has been vendor support and lack of training. We have requested numerous times for in house training and can't get anyone to come out. We are turning now to our REC's to help us capture the information for meaningful use. Hopefully they will be able to help us. 102 months ago 0
I received verbal training from the senior clinician who purchased the system several years before I joined, I have never had a training class, I feel like I know 0.000025% of the system's capability, it takes forever to complete a note. I don't know how to make a user friendly template. I don't have the medical history in any particular order, every time I look at the template choices and the patient's disease is not on it, I default to "physical" then go through and delete unnecessary areas, it seems counterproductive to me. 103 months ago 0
Very capable program. Some computer phobics might find certain areas intimidating. 120 months ago 0
It is apparent that the system is developed from the perpsective of a computer programmer. It doesn't take into account how physician and staff work. Having the development and support personnel in India added to the difficulties in interfacing, communicating, and getting support in general. 120 months ago 0
It has helped put order into the practice. We are wasting a lot less paper. We are saving a lot of money on staff and paper. The billing side is much, much better. I would recommend this EHR to all physicians. 122 months ago 0
Excellent for allergy practices as immunotherapy module good and communication between staff improved on this system. 126 months ago 0
Our EHR works very well and has really helped or practice. The greatest problem has been the implementation of it and their technical support. They are all competent and available, but the issue is none of us can understand them. We have never had anyone actually come to our office to show us. Their staff have such strong accents that we can't understand what they are saying most of the time and since everything is also done remotely, it makes it very difficult. Most of the time I try to figure it out on my own (which can take a lot of time) and I probably do not do it all correctly or as well as it could be done. I think there are several things that we do not utilize simply because we do not know how to do it, and it is too frustrating to try and be trained. Once things are in place, the actual system is designed very well and is very functional. 127 months ago 0
WE are an allergy practice and have special needs for EHR. We are in the process of implementing a patient portal and e-prescribing hopefully before the end of the year and probably before Feb. 2011 127 months ago 0
Outstanding support thru Aim Services and ability to respond to specific needs of practice. Cutting edge for staying ahead of changes and training staff on what's coming. 127 months ago 0
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