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The hardware and software requirements for Stage 2 of Meaningful Use are very significant and if it continues, Stage 3 may be cost-prohibitive. 84 months ago 0
I see the promise but we are not there yet. Likely would have been better to let industry mature on it's own without CMS incentives. 84 months ago 0
May I PLEASE have my paper chart back? 101 months ago 0
I am the only superuser in my office. I do all my work myself. This is my fourth year with this EMR. The extra work added is about 15-20 minutes of work time per patient seen for the day. So not only do I have to see my patient in a 9 hour work day (averaging 20 patients a day), I will have to add 4-5 hours a day to clear my notes for the Day. The underlying incentive of the government is save money (i.e. less mistakes, better transfer of information, accountability)but the less publicized money saving comes forcing doctors to see less patients (i.e. less care rendered, less care they have to pay for) or forcing doctors to become employees (i.e. like Kaiser Permanente etc., business model to healthcare) because the rising cost of maintaining an office. I know this is only the beginning and many doctors are considering opting out including early retirement or business venture outside/around the practice of medicine. 102 months ago 0
Medflow has gotten worse and worse. We used another system before medflow...we used Allmeds, but they stopped supporting the ophthalmology module. We switched to Medflow...they have gotten MUCH worse. The whole EMR thing is a beta test. Some day it may be better, in the mean time it complicates and hurts patient care...but no one cares. 102 months ago 0
he interface is full of non-ergonomic tiny buttons many of which don't work or are redundant. The addition of the MU modules adds to already excessive button pushing. I am no longer a physician; I am a highly paid data entry technician. My days are longer, more tiresome and less productive in terms of numbers of patient encounters. 103 months ago 0
My specific system is fairly good, but not as receptive to efficiency improvements as I would like. It is poor for recording medications easily and accurately. ALL EHRs are very prone to errors, despite the government's ideas that EHR will reduce errors. I can prove this with the simple question: Which is easier to do and more likely to happen, writing the wrong word(s) on a paper chart/prescription, or clicking on the wrong word with a mouse on a computer? EVERYONE who has ever used a computer knows that it is VERY EASY to accidentally click the wrong thing on a computer. So, rather than reduce errors, I think EHRs are just creating new and different errors. 104 months ago 0
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