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I cannot begin to say enough bad things about McKesson, so don't get me started. 83 months ago 0
EHR is a waste of time for a solo practitioner, it adds 1 to 2 hours of work to my day, does not improve patient care,impedes patient MD face to face, is a farce. Nice way for the government to follow MDs and patients, waste of my time and interfere in good care of my patients. 84 months ago 0
We have had a hard time getting our office system to interface with the hospital EHR and there are things that should be simple like having labs that were drawn at the same time reported as one batch. They come back as individual reports so that you have to go into each separately to review and comment which might mean opening 4 different reports for one GHP and lipid. I've had problems finding a common diagnosis in the assessment list. And I've had times when it would not let me prescribe a medication because it wasn't on the patient's formulary. EHR may have it's advantages but saving a providers time isn't one of them! 118 months ago 0
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