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When it comes to healthcare technology insights, AmericanEHR Partners is the best choice for custom market research. Our 19,000+ community members represent more than 150 medical specialties across all 52 U.S. states and jurisdictions, and our user base includes a wide variety of roles, including physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, HIT consultants, medical assistants, pharmacists, REC representatives, administrative staff, and more.

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AmericanEHR's eHealth Professionals Panel gives you direct access to innovators and thought leaders in the medical technology field. All physicians are validated by their medical society or through the AMA Masterfile, a record of current and historical data for over 1.4 million physicians, residents, and medical students in the United States, giving you the highest level of confidence possible with our sample. Our users are also FRESH — this is the newest sample in the marketplace, and it’s been carefully built through AmericanEHR's strategic partnerships with 21 medical associations.

If you are interested in custom research, or if you’d like to access our eHealth Professionals Panel, please contact us for more information and pricing at or 604-247-0400.

Recent Research Projects:

Clinicians Perspectives on Electronic Health Information Sharing for Transitions of Care Clinician Perspectives on Electronic Health Information Sharing for Transitions of Care
Doctors Helping Doctors released results of survey of clinicians on electronic health information sharing needs related to transitions of care.

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