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Survey on Physician Use of EHR Systems - Ease of Use Baseline Data

Based on data from the AmericanEHR survey examining physician use of EHR systems, this report explores physicians’ views about the ease of use of their EHR systems. The data presented and analyzed in this report not only offers useful insights into a critical challenge that vendors, policy makers, and healthcare providers are facing, it also provides a reference point against which data from future AmericanEHR surveys can be compared.

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This report is divided into five (5) sections including this introductory section: 

• Sections 2 and 3 present a profile of the physicians who responded to the survey and the EHR systems that they use. 

• Section 4 explores the survey results related to ease of use of EHR systems. 

• Section 5 offers insights about and interpretations of the survey data related to ease of use of EHR 

The results presented in this report were collected through surveys conducted by AmericanEHR Partners in conjunction with the American Medical Association, American College of Physicians and American Academy of Family Physicians between May 30, 2014 and July 18, 2014. Each society was allowed to select the population of their members to receive the survey. Information about EHR use by individual society members was not available. Therefore, the survey went to both users and non-users of EHRs. 

A total of 36,318 physicians received invitations to complete the survey (AMA – 18,000, ACP – 13,616 and AAFP 4,702). The average response rate was 2.6%, though rates differed across professional societies. The target completion rate was 1,000 responses. 940 completed surveys were received. 

All respondents completed the same survey. Slightly more than half of these respondents were classified as providing primary care for the purposes of this survey. There was broad representation across the range of specialties. Just over half of the respondents were from practices with less than 50 full time equivalent employees.

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