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Data included in AmericanEHR Partners' Reports is collected and shared through our online community of clinicians who use information technology to deliver care to Americans. These Reports measure the performance and market share of healthcare technology (HIT) related software, hardware, and services. We are publishing this research to help facilitate optimal decision making.

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The Correlation of Training Duration with EHR Satisfaction: Implications for Meaningful Use – 2011

This report provides an in-depth analysis of surveyed responses to questions correlating length of training, involvement in EHR selection, and clinician ratings of usability to EHR satisfaction.

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Background and Methodology:
The survey was designed to address the following report objectives:

  • To examine the relationship between EHR satisfaction and time spent training.
  • To focus on Meaningful Use Certified EHR products exclusively.
  • To examine across Meaningful Use common requirements relating to ePrescribing and Medication Management.

AmericanEHR collect data by surveying 4,280 clinicians in conjunction with five different professional societies between April 2010 and July 2011. The data was then filtered by those who had implemented an EHR and by other exclusion criteria leaving 1,936 for analysis in the report. The statistical analysis was performed using ordered logistic regression analysis techniques and standard Welch’s t-test where applicable. The report analyses satisfaction with EHR implementation across ePrescribing, medication management, checking patient formulary, maintaining and importing a medication list in relation to time spent training. The report also provides insight into the training received by size of practice.

Insights gained include the following:

  • Overall satisfaction with an EHR was highly correlated with whether the respondent was involved in the EHR selection process.
  • At least 3 to 5 days of EHR training was necessary to achieve the highest level of overall satisfaction
  • Nearly half (49.3%) of respondents indicated that they received 3 or fewer days of training.

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