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I have just started using the progress note, for psychiatry. It is horrible to use. All of the clinicians think it's awkward and unworkable. You can't move from one area of the chart to another without closing the first thing you were working on, or by using multiple screens. It takes 3 clicks to minimize a screen. Finding the time a patient entered the treatment room requires moving back through multiple screens from the progress note document. Symptoms seem chosen at random and are listed in alphabetical order rather than by syndrome or decision tree. The mental status exam is horribly disorganized. There is no section specifically designated for appearance; the prompts they give omit comments on distinguishing marks (tattoos, piercings, dyed hair, etc.) among other things. There is no section for speech, and speech items are found several different places. Sleep is included in the mental status exam! It's a complete hodge-podge that appears to have been prepared by someone who never heard of a mental status exam. I just found out that the owner of this practice signed 5-year contract with this company. I was planning to continue working here, but I don't think I can tolerate dealing with this system for documentation. 6 months ago 1
We did not have a CAC (Clinical Applications Coordinator) or IT familiar with RPMS. 7 months ago 0
This is an awesome program. I've tried others but the fact this gives users a chance to build templates on the fly and customize patient record and notes allows for charting to be very much tailored to the doctors practice. It's an EMR system, not a billing system. Most programs that are billing dominant don't give the needed flexibility to note writing. Strongly recommend Praxis. 8 months ago 0
Mosaiq works wonderfully for our Radiation colleagues, but the chemotherapy ordering system is quite poor and cumbersome. Dose adjustment or changes are difficult unless they are very basic. Changing the date of a chemotherapy regimen works very well. Once you learn how to use the lab review portal, it is extremely good, fast and automatically graphs results. However, if I have to act on results (like having the patient start potassium, I have to go to a different system called QCLs which are not automatically accessible - I know that is stupid). We have issues with coding, and workflow. Interfaces have been poor. For example, we have worked on getting hospital X-ray and other reports to read correctly into Mosaiq, and after several years it is actually a little worse than it was before - making it difficult to find a CT scan when it is not labeled correctly. Alekta has been dismal in providing help with this. Although there are a few things that work well, I give Mosaiq a generally poor report. 8 months ago 0
Recommend 8 months ago 0
Streamline the medical history section 8 months ago 0
We had very limited training. That is probably why we struggle with this system. 9 months ago 0
Excellent overall system, easy to learn and use, highly recommend 9 months ago 0
Of the two web-based that I've used this one is the WORST and their tech support is terrible. 10 months ago 0
Take the time to make templates specific to your practice and needs. Makes workflow easier, makes sure documentation is complete. 11 months ago 0
I have yet to encounter another EMR as poor, inefficient, time consuming and frustrating as ARIA. I am familiar with EPIC and Ecare, and ARIA does not even come close. I just cannot say anything good about ARIA, I wish it never existed... 12 months ago 0
Top notch system, recommend without hesitation 13 months ago 0
The absolute customizability of the system, which is its main selling point and the reason we were drawn to it, is the main reason why the system is so doggone hard to use. EVERYTHING has to be built by hand from scratch. If you could ever get it all built, it would probably be a great system. But you'll never get it all built. (As a generalization, I have not seen a SINGLE EHR system that does a good job with managing chronic conditions. EHR is great if all you see is colds and earaches.) 16 months ago 1
Benefits build with time as you develop the database relevant to your practice type and style. 14 months ago 0
The inpatient medication reconciliation is very poor and leads to many errors 15 months ago 0
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