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Product Profile
Product name eClinicalWorks Comprehensive Electronic Health Records (EHR) Solution
EHR Certification CCHIT Child Health
Meaningful Use – Stage 1 (ONC-ATCB Certified 2011/2012)
CCHIT 2008
CCHIT 2011 (Pre-Market or Fully Certified)
History of development and product ownership eClinicalWorks developed its own product
Was the product known by any other names in the past three years? No
Year that a fully functional version of this EHR product was first implemented in a medical practice in the US 2000
Number of full time equivalent (FTE) staff fully dedicated to this product
Product development: 200+
Sales: 80+
Implementation: 700+
Support and maintenance: 800+
Typical size of practice in which this EHR has been implemented
1–3 physicians
4–10 physicians
11–25 physicians
>25 physicians
Typical setting in which this EHR system is used
Academic Medical Center (AMC)/Medical School
Community Health Center/Clinic
Federal Government Hospital
Multispecialty Clinic
Private Ambulatory Care Office
Private Community Hospital (excluding AMC)
State or Local Government Hospital
What specialties does this EHR support?
Addiction Medicine
Adolescent Medicine
Allergy and Immunology
Cardiology - Invasive/Interventional
Cardiology - Non Invasive
General Internal Medicine
General Practice/Family Medicine
Infectious Disease
OB/Gyn & Women's Health
Orthopaedic Surgery
Osteopathic Medicine
Pain Management
Physical/Rehabilitation Medicine
Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine
Public/Community Health
Pulmonary Medicine
Sleep Medicine
Sports Medicine
Surgery - Cardiothoracic
Surgery - General
Surgery - Oral & Maxillofacial
Surgery - Other
Surgery - Vascular
Clinical - Other
Areas of the United States in which this EHR product is sold North East
Mid Alantic
South West
Hardware / Network
Operating system platform(s) supported
Client (Desktop) - Windows XP Pro SP2/VISTA Server,Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate/Business 32/64 bit
Does the company resell any hardware? No
Preferred list of 3rd party hardware suppliers eClinicalWorks is vendor neutral
Preferred list of 3rd party IT Support vendors? Yes
Does the product work over a wireless (WIFI) network? Yes
eCW supports the protection of confidentiality of all PHI delivered over the Internet via encryption using 3DES and an open protocol (SSL), as well as managed gateway devices.
VARs - Value Added Resellers
Do you use value added resellers to sell and distribute this EHR? Yes
Can customers purchase your product directly from your company or only from your VAR’s Yes
eClinicalWorks markets all of its products directly to its customers via its Web site, a direct sales force and a network of Value Added Resellers. The majority of business is handled via corporate.
Can customers who have purchased your product through a VAR contact your company for support? Yes
eClinicalWorks customers have the choice of choosing support from a VAR or eClinicalWorks directly.
Application Service Provider
Do you offer an ASP version of your EHR product? Yes
Can you use Dragon or MS voice tools on your ASP solution? Yes
Company policy regarding data ownership for the ASP EHR All patient demographics and medical records created by this software will be solely owned by the customer.
Location of data hosting centers eClinicalWorks hosts and operates its application for use by its customers via the Internet in eight geographically diverse, secure SAS 70, co-location data centers:
• Andover, Massachusetts (2)
• Marlboro, Massachusetts
• New York City, New York
• Vienna, VA
• Elk Grove Village, IL
• Denver, CO
• Dallas, TX

Software & Database
What programming language were used to develop the application? Java and Visual Basic (VB Net).
Do you provide a test version of your EHR product for training and quality assurance(QA) purposes as well as the full production environment that is installed in the clinic? (The test version is a segmented area where users can make changes to templates or forms without it affecting the live environment) Yes
A training/testing database is provided during the installation period and can be left in place if desired for further training after the implementation is complete. The training environment is created as a snapshot of the production environment.
Are 3rd party applications required to use your EHR? Yes
Microsoft Word must be installed on any computer that you need to generate letters. Microsoft Excel is required on computers that will be used to import fee schedules (if any). All workstations must also have Internet Explorer version 6.0 or later.
Do you use standard terminologies, e.g., SNOMED-CT, LOINC, ICD9, ICD10 in your program? eClinicalWorks conforms to the following data transmission standards for technical interoperability:
American National Standards Institute (ANSI): compliant with the E31 CCD, V. 1.0
ASTM E31 - Healthcare Informatics Committee of ASTM International - Continuity of Care Document (CCD)
(ASTM E31 is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard development organization).
Health Level Seven (HL7): Version 2.6 eCW uses the following industry standard data dictionaries for semantic interoperability:
National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP): while using Surescripts eCW complies with its requirements of an NCPDP ID
Maps a subset of SNOMED
Expected date to be in compliance with ICD10 coding eClinicalWorks will be compliant with ICD10 by December, 2012.
Expected date to be in compliance with SNOMED-CT SNOMED-CT is not a requirement by MU, it may be included in 2015 OR Stage III, which is not confirmed yet. We will closely follow the requirements and deliver them as per standard.
Interfaces / Interoperability
Does this product have existing lab interfaces with Quest? If Yes, please explain whether the interfaces are uni or bi-directional. Yes
bi-directional interface
If Yes to the previous question, are the interfaces bundled or provided at additional cost? Please explain. No
These are available at no extra charge.
If the lab company picks up the costs, will the practice be charged maintenance and support fees? If Yes, please explain. No
Does this product have existing lab interfaces with Labcorp? If Yes, Yes
bi-directional interface
If Yes to the previous question, are the interfaces bundled or provided at additional cost? Please explain. No
These are available at no extra charge.
If the lab company picks up the costs, will the practice be charged maintenance and support fees? If Yes, please explain. No
Does the company offer an integrated EHR/PM system? (i.e. a combined EHR/PM system) Yes
eClinicalWorks is a unified EHR/PM.
[If yes to the previous question] Does your system used a single shared database (not interfaced) for the EHR/PM system? Yes
Can your product be interfaced with a different PM system if the practice chooses to do so? Yes
List of Practice Management systems with which you have existing interfaces 4UORTHO-4UDR
Advanced Data Systems (ADS )
Advanced MD
APS Medical Billing
Banner Systems
Boundary Medical
Brown Hand Center
Chart Connect
Chart Logic
Clinical Outcomes Research Initiative
ComplexCorp Criterions
Correctional Health Services
Correctional Medical Services
CPU Medical Management Systems
CRT Medical Systems
Cyber lab
EndoSoft LLC
General Systems Design
Genius Solutions
Global HCA
Health Monitoring System
Health Monitoring System
Ingenix (Caretracker)
Intrinsiq (Intellidose)
Invision Interface
Invision Interface
Jail Management System
Light House
Medical Manager
MSI Vision
My Vision Express
Network Sciences Chassis
Provation Med.
Pulse Pro
Sage Intergy
Sage Mends
Surgical Notes
Thompson Reuters
Wells Fargo
If you do not have an interface with a particular PM system, are you willing to develop a custom interface? Yes
If an interfaced PM system is used, does your EHR product transfer billing and coding data captured during the encounter to the PM system? If yes, is this a one-step or multi-step process? Yes
It is a one step process.
Does the EHR use an interface engine? Yes
If needed, eCW will build an interface engine. eCW can communicate with HL7 and has experience with a number of interface engines such as Iatrics, Cloverleaf, and others.
Implementation and training
Tools and/or services offered to clients in order to achieve meaningful use of their EHR? Guarantee - eClinicalWorks guarantees that its software will meet the meaningful use criteria, as defined through ARRA; Free Webinars - Webinars will be offered at no cost to customers to learn what functions within their eClinicalWorks system will help them achieve meaningful use; On-site Assessment - eClinicalWorks staff provides on-site services to score practices on meaningful use readiness; and Online Assessment - Interactive, online-tool for assessing a customer's meaningful use readiness. eClinicalWorks conducts Meaningful Use Roadshows at no cost to clients throughout the United States.
Tools and/or services offered to clients for current workflow analysis and redesign when using an EHR? BA Services can be provided to both new and existing customers. A Business Analyst will assist the practice from the initial planning phases through training and Go Live. Post-Implementation services are also available for existing customers.
Major areas for review are:
• Logistics of laptops, tablet PC, and peripherals
• Database structure
• Workflow design
• Training requirements
• Set up of test and production servers
• Reporting requirements and report generation

New customers can benefit from BA Services during the initial planning of the transition from legacy or paper-based systems to the unified EHR Solution. The most critical factor in the success of an EHR implementation is advance planning; eClinicalWorks can provide expert planning assistance to ensure a smooth transition and optimal use of the EHR system from Day One. Business Analysis Services for new customers consists of:
• Assistance with hardware purchase and set-up
• Site Survey for assessment of the current clinical environment and recommendations for optimal office set-up to facilitate EMR workflow
• Redesign of office workflows
• Plan all aspects of conversion from paper to electronic charts
• EMR configuration for security access settings and all user, provider, and facility settings
• Customized training strategies for all system users in the practice
• Definition of reporting requirements
• Post Go Live assessment and re-evaluation
BA Services for existing customers, particularly those practices or groups with fifteen or more providers or who are experiencing growth, provide an opportunity to re-evaluate their EHR workflow with the goal of improved office efficiency and maximized use of the EHR system’s features and capabilities. BA Services for existing customers includes:
• Site Survey to assess the current clinical infrastructure
• Workflow assessment and recommendations for improved workflow
• Clinical content development
• Identification of under-utilized features in eClinicalWorks that will lead to greater efficiency
• Review of system features, reporting capabilities, interfaces, etc. to ensure the EMR/PM system is being used to the fullest
• Identify and plan for areas of internal growth, i.e., bringing labs and testing in-house, adding new interfaces, etc.
• Identify areas where additional training would be beneficial

eClinicalWorks Implementation Services (EIS)
eClinicalWorks Implementation Services provide a dedicated, on-site individual or a team of implementation specialists who oversee the entire EHR implementation, from project start through Go Live, and beyond, as determined by the client. Below is an overview of the offering.
The Role of the eClinicalWorks Implementation Specialist (EIS)
• The Implementation Specialist is actively engaged in end-user interaction, workflow analysis, design, build, training, on-site support, go–live site assessment, user adoption measurement, and assistance as needed to implement the eClinicalWorks EHR solution
• The EHR Implementation Specialist will work with the customer and execute their implementation approach and their adoption vision, including risk and issue identification, mitigation and resolution. The EIS will travel to each site to meet with end users and act as a primary contact for the end users.
EIS Responsibilities
• Staff augmentation for practice to assist with practice-side project deliverables during implementation phase(s)
• Conduct practice-specific workflow analysis design and key decision-making including gap analysis
• Consultant role with the steering committee or project leads in making key decisions in defining new/ updating current goals/workflows for usage of eClinicalWorks efficiently in the practice environment
• Provide tips in designing their IT design layout - only with reference to device, printer, and scanner deployments
• Execute implementation tasks for assigned practices following the standard implementation procedures
• Document workflows/cheat sheets for unique scenarios of the practice
• Develop training plan and delivers training to practice staff and physicians
• Function as primary liaison between the practice and support departments/teams
• Identify workflow/setup related red flags to the Project and Support teams for the pre-Go Live and post-Go Live environments
• Provide regular status reports to key Program Manager and end users
• Drive resolution to end user issues. Works with all parties to prioritize issues and offer solutions
• Provide focused group training and support appropriate use of the application, utilizing expert knowledge of the physician clinical workflows
• Work with physicians, business staff and other client team members to understand and research customization requests
• Provide on-site Go Live support and work with the support team to provide guidance on Helpdesk best practices
• Establish and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to establish success criteria and also measure practice competency for Meaningful Use
• Implement and train on optional products and special topics such as: Patient Portal, eClinicalMobile, eClinicalMessenger, eEHX, eClinicalWorks P2P, Meaningful Use, Quality Measure reporting, advanced eBO reporting, etc.
• Assist the eClinicalWorks Support Team and Strategic Account Manager as needed to ensure timely resolution of support issues

HBI (Healthcare Business Intelligence) Services
eClinicalWorks provides an array of analytic products and services to support medical practices in improving patient care, workflow efficiency, and practice profitability. Our primary goal is to educate our customers and provide the tools needed for eClinicalWorks users to analyze trends, evaluate services, and interpret outcomes, based on the wealth of data stored in their EHR database.

HBI Services
• Culmination of people, product and process to effectively implement a powerful Business Intelligence (BI) Solution
• Specialists in Financial, Operational, Compliance, and Clinical Reporting to effectively gather requirements and inform key decision makers on best practices and protocols
• Visit during the first month-end after Go-live to support in close process and data interpretation
• A dedicated BI consultant to assist implementation of an efficient workflow around practice business objectives
• On-site consultation and training on report customization and design studios
• Post Go-Live assessments to monitor practice Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and provider/user productivity

Benefits to a Practice
• Make Revenue Cycle Management more insightful with managerial dashboards, lag trends, and denial tracking
• Create efficient workflow design in conjunction with other eClinicalWorks implementation teams to maximize productivity and efficiency
• Provide insight into the overall health of your practice, from financial, operational, and clinical perspectives
Interfaces Consultant Services
Interface Consultant services can be provided to work closely with customers to design and install interfaces in support of the exchange of data between the EHR system labs, diagnostic imaging facilities, clearinghouses, insurances, etc.
• Responsibilities of an Interfaces Consultant Include
• Interface development, interface configuration, interface setup, and interface testing
• Understand customer interface requirements and propose interfaces to satisfy their business need
• Discuss interface workflow with the customer
• Understand HL7, CCR and CCD standards and discuss interface specification at field level
• Understand customer limitations and propose alternatives / workarounds
• Document interface requirements in an interface scope document
• Create and maintain project plans for interface development. Make sure project milestones are met in a timely fashion
• Other duties as assigned
Technical Architect Services
An eClinicalWorks Technical Architect (TA) can be provided to perform an in-depth technical assessment of the practice’s IT infrastructure. This assessment, along with interviews with the client and/or the client’s IT resource, will be used to develop Technology Design Document that details all aspects of the proposed eClinicalWorks architecture. The TA will use this document to work with the client and the eClinicalWorks Project Manager, Install Team, and Strategic Account Manager (SAM) to ensure the system is configured for optimal performance.

Do you recommend a graduated implementation or a big-bang implementation (all live at the same time) for your EHR? eClinicalWorks does not recommend one method over another, but can assist the practice in deciding which method is best suited to the practice and arrange the implementation schedule to support the practices’ decision. eClinicalWorks helps practices make this decision by discussing the advantages and limitations associated with each of the implementation strategies and helping the practice make an informed decision in their best interest.
What training mechanisms are used by the EHR Vendor? On Site
At Corporate Facility
Web Based
Web Based interactive
Is there a minimum amount of training required by your company in order to satisfy the support and maintenance contract that we would sign with you? Yes
The following minimum number of hours should be allocated during training for each user to fully benefit from the training:
• Providers - 12 hours – 16 hours
• Billers - 12 hours
• Front Office & Mid Office – 8 hours
Do you provide any guarantees regarding the ability of a practice to meet meaningful use requirements? Yes
eClinicalWorks guarantees that its software will meet all criteria for achieving meaningful use.
Does your company provide any guarantees that your EHR product will comply with Stage 2 and Stage 3 meaningful use requirements? Yes
Is there a minimum amount of training required by your company in order for our practice to satisfy compliance with meaningful use guarantees?
For practices to meet Meaningful Use, eClinicalWorks offers several training methods,
What services do you offer for post-implementation optimization of the system with respect to training and system customization? Post-implementation services include:
- Site Survey to assess current clinical infrastructure
- Workflow assessment and recommendations for improved workflow
- Clinical content development
- Identification of under-utilized features that will lead to greater efficiency
- Review of system features, reporting capabilities, interfaces, etc. to ensure EMR/PM system is used fully
- Identify and plan for areas of internal growth
- Identify areas where additional training would be beneficial.
Does your product support ePrescribing? Is there an additional charge for this service or is it included in the overall cost? Yes
SureScripts ePrescribing pricing is included in the per provider monthly fees
Which formulary does your product use? Surescripts.
Does the system allow users to add drugs that may not be in the original database? Yes
Users can add and modify drugs. Formularies are also updated on a weekly basis.
How are drug allergies and adverse reactions recorded and integrated into the prescribing module? eClinicalWorks has an integrated allergy / interaction check function via the Medi-Span® Drug Reference Database.
When prescribing multiple medications, am I presented with an ability to separately acknowledge or document individual alerts? Yes
Is there an ability for the physician or practice to modify preset alerts? (e.g. Severe vs. mild or moderate) Yes
Alerts can be customized by each practice.
Is there an ability for the physician to filter the display of alerts? Yes
Providers are able to search for and view only those alerts that a particular provider has ordered for a patient, generating results for generic, specialty, and health maintenance alerts by a provider or within a particular facility.
How are episodic and long-term medications tracked in the patient’s record? A prescription history is available for each patient record.
Does the system allow users to switch drug interaction checking on or off? Yes
There is a user setting that will still scrub for alerts, but will not alert the provider.
In the medication list, is a user able to sort medications by multiple parameters including date prescribed, diagnostic code, active or discontinued? Yes
By Drug Name (full history of drug treatment for patient), Date (on each appointment user can see history of drug activities), current RX (view of what patient is currently taking). All views on one screen.
What pre-defined templates do you provide?

Definition: A template is a pre-defined structured capability to rapidly record content including information on clinical conditions or vital signs through mechanisms such as menus, predefined fields or checklis
eClinicalWorks comes pre-loaded with specialty templates based on the specialty of the practice, including order sets and performance/quality measures. On-site training also includes in-depth instruction on how to create, modify, copy, and merge templates. Templates can be designated as either public or private; if public, they can be shared between providers in a practice, group, or network.
Do you charge additional fees for any of templates? No
no charge for the pre-loaded templates. However, if the provider requests a specific customized template(s) there could be an additional charge.
Can clients customize existing templates? Yes
Templates are easily customizable at the provider and practice level. A patient’s Progress Note can be saved as a template, as well. Templates can be designated as public or private.
Can clients use tools provided through the system to develop their own templates? Yes
Will your company build custom custom templates to the practices specifications? Yes
The development of new, specialty-specific templates can be done by the eClinicalWorks Content Management Team. An additional charge may apply.
If a doctor has created a custom template in their EHR, will the templates and custom rules be maintained when new full releases and patches are installed?
All templates and custom rules will be maintained when releases and patches are installed.
Support & Maintenance
What is the process for managing questions and service requests? “How To” Questions can be answered using the “Live Chat” option on; customers can log their support requests via the on-line support portal; can call to speak with a service representative. Support tickets are classified by level of severity.
Are different tiers of support offered (including pricing information)? No
What are the options for a client to contact your company for support? Customers can log a support ticket through the system, call or communicate via online chat.
What level and type(s) of support are provided during go-live? Support is 24x7. On-site and remote support will be provided during go-live.
Is a formal users' group, online community forum or other form of social networking community available? Yes, eClinicalWorks offers its own support portal, and there is an on-line users' forum that is run by customers. eClinicalWorks does participate in this forum but has no moderating priveledges.
What are the standard hours of operation during which support is provided? eClinicalWorks offers 24/7 support.
What are the steps for a client to escalate a support request? Escalation Level: 1. Senior Support Manager; 2. VP of Support. The customer can request an appropriate technical resource from eCW to coordinate and oversee resolution of such service requests.
Do you use off-shore technical support? Yes
However, all off-shore technical support personnell are eCW employees. Support is not outsourced.
Are software upgrades provided as part of the software maintenance contract? Yes
Software upgrades are included as part of the software maintenance contract. This normally occurs during non-peak business hours and requires no staff intervention.
How are customer requests for enhancements and customizations handled? Customers can request individual enhancement/customization by opening a ticket. Regarding overall enhancements, the majority of product enhancements come from customer feedback shared directly with staff, at the users’ conference, or through one of the available online user groups/resources.
How are drug interaction tools updated in your system? eClinicalWorks issues Auto Upgrades. The drug reference database is updated quarterly. There is no cost for this.
How are patient education materials updated in your system? eClinicalWorks uses A.D.A.M. or ExitWriter QuickSheets for patient education. These are offered at additional cost. eClinicalWorks notifies the provider via the auto-upgrade tool that an update is available.
How are requests from clients handle for customizations of their system post “go-live”? eClinicalWorks is customizable at the user, practice and enterprise level. Tools are given to end users to customize security and user settings, health alerts, reminders, templates, order sets, dictionaries, claim and workflow rules. The appearance of the progress note window can be customized so frequently used forms and fields are always in view. The system allows customized studies to be performed utilizing individual and group health data from the electronic record.
Is remote monitoring available with the ability to alert clients about system problems? Yes
eClinicalWorks is able to provide enterprise class, fault tolerant environments capable of sustaining 7x24x365 high availability environments.
What is your recommended backup strategy? The SaaS solution generates 15 min or 24hr backups for on-site or off-site storage. The system uses a fault-tolerant, redundant master slave database replication server layout for automatic loss control, at no additional cost. The database can be distributed to ensure multi-site coverage in case of natural disaster. The data is stored remotely, ensuring data consistency if a local server or tape drive fails.
Do you offer remote backup for a client's system? Yes
For SaaS customers and the cost is included in the hosting price.
When an interface goes down, how is that information recovered? eClinicalWorks will work with any Interface/Vendor on the “other side” to implement standard interfaces. Once the interface goes live, the eCW Interface Support Team provides support for any issues on the product workflow and interface troubleshooting on the eCW and eCW client side. The vendor on the "other side" of the interface is responsible for any issues and troubleshooting that needs to happen on their side of the interface.
Reporting Tools
Does your system provide a reporting tool with pre-formatted reports? Yes
We offer a Cognos-based reporting tool that has more than 150 pre-canned reports.
Is your reporting tool able to create the following reports?

1.Generate a list of all patients with a chronic condition (e.g. Diabetes, COPD)
2.Generate a list of all patients with a specific condition who have not been seen within a defined period
3.Generate a list of all patients with a specific condition and lab result who have not been seen within a defined period. (e.g. diabetic patients with a HbA1c=9 not seen in the last 4 months)
4.Generate a list of all patients on a specific drug with an active medical problem
Are these reporting tools bundled with the EHR system or provided as add-ons? Yes
All of the reports listed in the previous question and most other clinical reports are included in the base product via registry reporting features.
Does your system support PQRI (Physician Quality Reporting Initiative) reporting? Yes
Order Management Tools
Does your program provide any order management tools? Yes
eClinicalWorks gives providers the ability to order labs/diagnostic imaging directly. Users can print/fax orders, or electronically place orders and receive results via HL7 interfaces (uni-directional or bi-directional). There is no additional cost.
Does your program provide any document management tools? Yes
eClinicalWorks includes a complete medical document management solution. There is no additional charge.
Does your program provide any other workflow management tools? Yes
eCW Professional Services provides a way for existing customers to re-evaluate their EMR/PM workflow. A Strategic Account Manager works with a client to assess and optimize their use of the EHR/PM after the Go-Live period.
Patient Health Record (Portal)
Do you offer a Patient Health Record that integrates into your system? Yes
Patient Portal is sold in both fashions, separately or in a bundled package. There is the option to get Patient Portal free of charge.
Data Conversion
Do you offer data conversion services from other products to your product? Yes
Data conversion is available for: Demographic data
Clinical data
What are the data conversion and transfer costs? Data migration costs $750 per day. 
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