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MEDENT - Community Computer Service, Inc

  • Head Office

    P.O. Box 980 Auburn, NY 13021

Product Profile
Product name MEDENT
EHR Certification CCHIT Child Health
Meaningful Use – Stage 1 (ONC-ATCB Certified 2011/2012)
CCHIT 2011 (Pre-Market or Fully Certified)
History of development and product ownership MEDENT is a self-developed product.
Was the product known by any other names in the past three years? No
Year that a fully functional version of this EHR product was first implemented in a medical practice in the US 1992
Number of full time equivalent (FTE) staff fully dedicated to this product
Product development: 49
Sales: 8
Implementation: 46
Support and maintenance: 127
Typical size of practice in which this EHR has been implemented
1–3 physicians
4–10 physicians
11–25 physicians
>25 physicians
Typical setting in which this EHR system is used
Academic Medical Center (AMC)/Medical School
Community Health Center/Clinic
Multispecialty Clinic
Private Ambulatory Care Office
Private Community Hospital (excluding AMC)
What specialties does this EHR support?
Allergy and Immunology
Cardiology - Non Invasive
General Internal Medicine
General Practice/Family Medicine
Infectious Disease
OB/Gyn & Women's Health
Orthopaedic Surgery
Osteopathic Medicine
Pain Management
Physical/Rehabilitation Medicine
Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine
Pulmonary Medicine
Sports Medicine
Surgery - Cardiothoracic
Surgery - General
Surgery - Other
Surgery - Vascular
Areas of the United States in which this EHR product is sold North East
Mid Alantic
Hardware / Network
Operating system platform(s) supported
Medent is a true, two-tier, client-server system. Windows XP Professional, Window Vista Business, Windows 7 Business and future Windows 8 are supported on the Client-side. Server OS is Linux.
Does the company resell any hardware? Yes all that is required for installation to provide single vendor accountability. We find this is a real plus for quality and best results.
Preferred list of 3rd party hardware suppliers Although we do prefer to supply the hardware, we are open and willing to work with various IT organizations affiliated with our clients regionally.
Preferred list of 3rd party IT Support vendors? All technical issues are managed through our corporate headquarters and through our Support Department. We are willing to work however with a client's local IT person.
Does the product work over a wireless (WIFI) network? Yes
The Medent system is direct TCP/IP to the server and is a true, thin-client application. Medent is fast and reliable via WiFi.
VARs - Value Added Resellers
Do you use value added resellers to sell and distribute this EHR? No
Can customers purchase your product directly from your company or only from your VAR’s Yes
Direct purchase
Can customers who have purchased your product through a VAR contact your company for support? No
Medent is not sold through VARS.
Application Service Provider
Do you offer an ASP version of your EHR product? No
MEDENT is offered as a server solution hosted in the medical practice and can also be hosted via service companies.
Can you use Dragon or MS voice tools on your ASP solution? No
Medent is not offered in an ASP model.
Company policy regarding data ownership for the ASP EHR The practice owns their EMR data.
Location of data hosting centers MEDENT is offered as a server solution hosted in the medical practice and can also be hosted via service companies such as through a billing service that uses Medent to do the biling.
Software & Database
What programming language were used to develop the application? Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual C++.
Do you provide a test version of your EHR product for training and quality assurance(QA) purposes as well as the full production environment that is installed in the clinic? (The test version is a segmented area where users can make changes to templates or forms without it affecting the live environment) Yes
IA test environment can be set-up for a practice, however it typically not needed.
Are 3rd party applications required to use your EHR? No
Do you use standard terminologies, e.g., SNOMED-CT, LOINC, ICD9, ICD10 in your program? Yes, all of these are required.
Expected date to be in compliance with ICD10 coding Medent v19.6 is currently scheduled for distribution Fall 2011. We expect to have all clients running ICD-10 during 2012. We are extremely dedicated to providing our clients the most efficient transition possible to ICD-10.
Expected date to be in compliance with SNOMED-CT SNOMED-CT will be included as part of Medent v19.6, which is currently scheduled for distribution Fall 2011.
Interfaces / Interoperability
Does this product have existing lab interfaces with Quest? If Yes, please explain whether the interfaces are uni or bi-directional. Yes
Yes. Interfaced lab data with Quest as well as numerous others is bi-directional.
If Yes to the previous question, are the interfaces bundled or provided at additional cost? Please explain. No
The associated costs for lab interfaces are typically sponsored by the labs and not assumed by the client.
If the lab company picks up the costs, will the practice be charged maintenance and support fees? If Yes, please explain. No
The associated costs for lab interfaces including support for the interface are typically sponsored by the labs.
Does this product have existing lab interfaces with Labcorp? If Yes, Yes
Yes. Interfaced lab data with Quest as well as numerous others is bi-directional.
If Yes to the previous question, are the interfaces bundled or provided at additional cost? Please explain. No
The associated costs for lab interfaces are typically sponsored by the labs and not assumed by the client.
If the lab company picks up the costs, will the practice be charged maintenance and support fees? If Yes, please explain. No
The associated costs for lab interfaces including support for the interface are typically sponsored by the labs.
Does the company offer an integrated EHR/PM system? (i.e. a combined EHR/PM system) Yes
Yes, Medent is an All-In-One system including integrated billing, scheduling and EHR.
[If yes to the previous question] Does your system used a single shared database (not interfaced) for the EHR/PM system? Yes
Yes - Single shared database.
Can your product be interfaced with a different PM system if the practice chooses to do so? No
List of Practice Management systems with which you have existing interfaces N/A
If you do not have an interface with a particular PM system, are you willing to develop a custom interface? No
Interfacing with competitive products would only compromise the superior quality of support we offer to our clients.
If an interfaced PM system is used, does your EHR product transfer billing and coding data captured during the encounter to the PM system? If yes, is this a one-step or multi-step process? No
Does the EHR use an interface engine? No
Medent interfaces are typically programmed directly using the most up to date version of HL-7.
Implementation and training
Tools and/or services offered to clients in order to achieve meaningful use of their EHR? Medent excels in the area of Meaningful Use. Medent's interactive MU Dashboard is a hallmark feature in Medent. It includes self-running reports that display Numerator and Denominator tracking, MU patient summaries, provider MU progress comparisons and the ability to drill-down into reporting totals to charts to make corrections. We have created integrated Video Tutorials covering MU meansures. We have also developed solid relationships with state REC's as a way to extend our reach to our clients exponentially. It should be noted that a number of our clients were among the first in their areas to receive MU payments.
Tools and/or services offered to clients for current workflow analysis and redesign when using an EHR? Workflow evaluation begins during the sales process. Since no two clients are the same, it is important for practices to see how Medent will work for them in the evaluation process.
Do you recommend a graduated implementation or a big-bang implementation (all live at the same time) for your EHR? The Medent practice management system is always implemented first. EHR training and set-up is phased-in partially during practice management go-live as well as after go-live. We believe this enables practices to build on a strong foundation. It is also paramount that cash-flow is addressed first.
What training mechanisms are used by the EHR Vendor? On Site
At Corporate Facility
Web Based
Web Based interactive
Is there a minimum amount of training required by your company in order to satisfy the support and maintenance contract that we would sign with you? Yes
The minimum amount of training needed depends on size and scope of the client and overall objectives.
Do you provide any guarantees regarding the ability of a practice to meet meaningful use requirements? No
However, the first 29 practices in NYS that met MU all use MEDENT. The first 31 in PA do also and the first practice in the State of VT uses MEDENT also. It is in our mutal interest to work closely on this. We also work closely with the RECs in each State and encourage our practices to work with them also.
Does your company provide any guarantees that your EHR product will comply with Stage 2 and Stage 3 meaningful use requirements? No
We have an impeccable track record in meeting the requirements in our Industry. We have every intention of complying with all deadlines and requirements to ensure that our clients are successful in continuing to achieve MU.
Is there a minimum amount of training required by your company in order for our practice to satisfy compliance with meaningful use guarantees?
What services do you offer for post-implementation optimization of the system with respect to training and system customization? We encourage on-site refresher training ongoing. We also have integrated links to video tutorials within the Medent system. A video link indicator will light up in green when a user in a part of the program that has related video links. This is also great for when an office might experience turn-over with employees.
Does your product support ePrescribing? Is there an additional charge for this service or is it included in the overall cost? Yes
There is a small fee per provider per month for use of updated drug files as well as processing with Surescripts.
Which formulary does your product use? Formulary data is updated via Surescripts and integrated into drug look-ups in Medent. This offers extremely time saving features for the practice. It improves patient satisfaction, reduces calls from the pharmacies and interruptions for the doctors.
Does the system allow users to add drugs that may not be in the original database? Yes
Medications not included in the Medispan Drug database can easily be added at the practice level.
How are drug allergies and adverse reactions recorded and integrated into the prescribing module? Reaction alerts appear as pop-ups or displays in the prescribing screens including reaction details and indications.
When prescribing multiple medications, am I presented with an ability to separately acknowledge or document individual alerts? Yes
This can be demonstrated.
Is there an ability for the physician or practice to modify preset alerts? (e.g. Severe vs. mild or moderate) Yes
This can be done on a per provider basis.
Is there an ability for the physician to filter the display of alerts? Yes
How are episodic and long-term medications tracked in the patient’s record? Medications including med histories, formulary status, sig's, dosages, etc. are displayed in the Medications area. Templates are usually configurated to display active meds. Detailed graphical analysis is also available for lab flow sheet comparison. Graphing labs is a great feature, especially when gaging the effects of certain medications. With Medent, this can be done with the click of a button.
Does the system allow users to switch drug interaction checking on or off? No
Interaction warnings are unintrusive. Use of drug interaction is also a core component for achieiving MU. It is C-2.
In the medication list, is a user able to sort medications by multiple parameters including date prescribed, diagnostic code, active or discontinued? Yes
There are numerous sorts in the meds area as well as access to drug history for any medication.
What pre-defined templates do you provide?

Definition: A template is a pre-defined structured capability to rapidly record content including information on clinical conditions or vital signs through mechanisms such as menus, predefined fields or checklis
Medent includes content for over 30 different medical specialties includes procedural notes, problem based progress notes, formatted letters, etc. Medent's tools for template editing are also very easy and accessible at the provider level. For example, you could have five different doctors in the same practice who each have a variation of the same type of template.
Do you charge additional fees for any of templates? No
Can clients customize existing templates? Yes
Content can be unique by provider. Medent has extremely intuitive tools for editing. This can be demonstrated.
Can clients use tools provided through the system to develop their own templates? Yes
Content can be set-up to vary by provider.
Will your company build custom custom templates to the practices specifications? Yes
Our MCL (Medical Content Library) Department can develop content for practices where it might be lacking, such as for a sub-specialty. Content is otherwise considered part of pooled resources.
If a doctor has created a custom template in their EHR, will the templates and custom rules be maintained when new full releases and patches are installed?
Content updates will not overwrite existing content.
Support & Maintenance
What is the process for managing questions and service requests? Calls are route through our call-center within our corporate headquarters. A client placing a support call will speak first to a live operator who will transfer them to the appropriate Support specialist or have someone call them back. Average response time is 15 minutes. All calls are documented and tracked by triage and type. Average resolution time is less than 2 hours. Enhancements are often made based on analysis of issues being reported or items being requested. It should be noted that as a family run and owned company, service, support and customer satisfaction is our highest priority.
Are different tiers of support offered (including pricing information)? No
All Medent clients are equally important and receive the same level of service regardless of size or notoriety.
What are the options for a client to contact your company for support? Clients can report support issues by submitting a form on our website or by placing a call to our help desk.
What level and type(s) of support are provided during go-live? We work with our clients to establish a strategy for implementation that will work best for the practice. Most clients do want a trainer on-site during go-live, however it is not required.
Is a formal users' group, online community forum or other form of social networking community available? Some clients form their own user groups. We encourage video tutorials and refresher training.
What are the standard hours of operation during which support is provided? 8am to 5pm ET. If there is an urgent situation after hours, we can be reached as needed.
What are the steps for a client to escalate a support request? Medent Support staff are extremely response and aggressive in resolving support issues, so rarely ever would this be needed but a client could always have access to a manager or e-mail one of the owners. If anything, we are hard on ourselves to constantly improve response times and overall quality.
Do you use off-shore technical support? No
All support is managed via our Support Department in Auburn, NY. We do not outsource support.
Are software upgrades provided as part of the software maintenance contract? Yes
How are customer requests for enhancements and customizations handled? Client requests may be documented over the phone or submitted via e-mail. All enhancement requests are taken seriously, are labeled according to category (ex. Billing or Ledger or Chart, etc.). Programmers must weigh the value of the requests against the shared needs and benefit to the aggregate client base. Sometimes a request address is programmed immediately if it can provide immediate benefit to clients in the field or to address an existing need. It is also possible that a client’s request is never processed. It all depends on the value of the enhancement to others, the logistics involved in the programming, the availability of programmers. etc. MEDENT® does not commit to “custom programming” to get a sale as many other vendors do. Client enhancements if programmed are done at no additional cost to the client. This ensures maximum utilization of our programming resources to the client base as well as the highest delivery of value to the clients in the form of future enhancements.

How are drug interaction tools updated in your system? Updates to the Medispan drug database are provided automatically via the Internet and is included as part of the small monthly fees doctors pay for Advanced Drug use and Surescripts.
How are patient education materials updated in your system? Clinical reference documentation can be purchased by the practice and incorporated into MEDENT® to provide Patient Education materials. MEDENT® has partnered with UpToDate to provide access from within MEDENT® ® for providers who have a subscriptions
How are requests from clients handle for customizations of their system post “go-live”? Enhancement requests are documented and categorized for tracking. Enhancements are programmed only if the change is a benefit to mass as opposed to the few. This strategy in R&D has profited Medent's intuitive nature. It is also a valuable tool in maximizing efficiency in programming overall.
Is remote monitoring available with the ability to alert clients about system problems? Yes
We use this significantly where it makes sense. There is no extra fee for monitoring.
What is your recommended backup strategy? All Medent clients are backing up using Magnetic Tape.
Do you offer remote backup for a client's system? No
Not at this time but may consider in the future. The system we have now works extremely well and is reliable.
When an interface goes down, how is that information recovered? N/A.
Reporting Tools
Does your system provide a reporting tool with pre-formatted reports? Yes
Medent includes incredibly powerful reporting tools for tracking measures related to chronic disease and health maintenance. Our DM/HM Department will create custom DM/HM Reports for practices at no charge. Reports are interactive and include variable options in settings.
Is your reporting tool able to create the following reports?

1.Generate a list of all patients with a chronic condition (e.g. Diabetes, COPD)
2.Generate a list of all patients with a specific condition who have not been seen within a defined period
3.Generate a list of all patients with a specific condition and lab result who have not been seen within a defined period. (e.g. diabetic patients with a HbA1c=9 not seen in the last 4 months)
4.Generate a list of all patients on a specific drug with an active medical problem
Are these reporting tools bundled with the EHR system or provided as add-ons? Yes
DM/HM Reporting is included with the purchase of the system. Clients are entitled as part of routine mainenance to an extensive library of disease management and health maintenance reports.
Does your system support PQRI (Physician Quality Reporting Initiative) reporting? Yes
Order Management Tools
Does your program provide any order management tools? Yes
This is included at no extra cost.
Does your program provide any document management tools? Yes
Medent includes built-in fax and image management. Automated document routing is also available with hospitals as well as participation with HIE's.
Does your program provide any other workflow management tools? Yes
Medent's customizable Planned Package set-up allows providers to create unique menus of treatment and order entry based upon diagnosis and plan per assessment. This is a great tool in helping providers help themselves. It eliminates redundancy and improves speed, accuracy and efficiency.
Patient Health Record (Portal)
Do you offer a Patient Health Record that integrates into your system? No
We offer the MEDENT Patient Portal, which although is not the same as a PHR provides much of the same patient access to certain chart data and comes highly integrated with Medent EHR.
Data Conversion
Do you offer data conversion services from other products to your product? Yes
Using CCDs and other methods.
Data conversion is available for: Demographic data
Clinical data
What are the data conversion and transfer costs? Yes. It is reasonable and varies depending on what is involved.
ONC Certified Health IT Developer Transparency
Transparency Attestation
Public Product Disclosure(s)