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MTBC (Medical Transcription Billing Corporation)

  • Head Office

    Medical Transcription Billing, Corp., 7 Clyde Road Somerset, NJ 08873

Product Profile
Product name talkEHR
EHR Certification
History of development and product ownership We developed the product
Was the product known by any other names in the past three years? No
Year that a fully functional version of this EHR product was first implemented in a medical practice in the US 2017
Number of full time equivalent (FTE) staff fully dedicated to this product
Product development: 47
Sales: 3
Implementation: 8
Support and maintenance: 19
Typical size of practice in which this EHR has been implemented
1–3 physicians
4–10 physicians
Typical setting in which this EHR system is used
Community Health Center/Clinic
Multispecialty Clinic
Private Ambulatory Care Office
What specialties does this EHR support?
Adolescent Medicine
Allergy and Immunology
Cardiology - Non Invasive
General Internal Medicine
General Practice/Family Medicine
Hospice and Palliative Medicine
Infectious Disease
OB/Gyn & Women's Health
Osteopathic Medicine
Physical/Rehabilitation Medicine
Public/Community Health
Pulmonary Medicine
Sleep Medicine
Sports Medicine
Clinical - Other
Areas of the United States in which this EHR product is sold North East
Mid Alantic
South West
Hardware / Network
Operating system platform(s) supported
Desktop: Windows7, Windows XP, Mac; Server: Windows Server
Does the company resell any hardware? No
Preferred list of 3rd party hardware suppliers No
Preferred list of 3rd party IT Support vendors? No
Does the product work over a wireless (WIFI) network? Yes
VARs - Value Added Resellers
Do you use value added resellers to sell and distribute this EHR? No
Can customers purchase your product directly from your company or only from your VAR’s Yes
Product can be purchased directly as well as through VARs.
Can customers who have purchased your product through a VAR contact your company for support? Yes
Support team is available for all talkEHR users.
Application Service Provider
Do you offer an ASP version of your EHR product? No
Can you use Dragon or MS voice tools on your ASP solution? No
Company policy regarding data ownership for the ASP EHR MTBC has a defined and Implemented Data Ownership Policy to ensure protection of the electronic data and information. This policy provides a framework within the roles and responsibilities of those who manage/protect data. Information has been classified and roles have been defined; who is authorize to access to that information based on role. MTBC ensures Security, Availability, Confidentiality, Integrity and Privacy throughout the life cycle of information based on classification by access control procedure and asset management procedure.
Location of data hosting centers MTBC has more than one data centers that are geographically distributed (Colocation New Jersey USA /Islamabad Pakistan/Bagh Azad Kashmir Pakistan).
Software & Database
What programming language were used to develop the application? Angular 4.6; TypeScript 2.1; WebAPI 2.0
Do you provide a test version of your EHR product for training and quality assurance(QA) purposes as well as the full production environment that is installed in the clinic? (The test version is a segmented area where users can make changes to templates or forms without it affecting the live environment) Yes
talkEHR is free to sign up and test. It is highly customizable so, all templates and forms can be customized within the live environment.
Are 3rd party applications required to use your EHR? No
Do you use standard terminologies, e.g., SNOMED-CT, LOINC, ICD9, ICD10 in your program? SNOMED-CT is used for clinical terminology. LOINC is used for Laboratory/ Imaging orders. ICD-10 is used for diagnostic codes.
Expected date to be in compliance with ICD10 coding We already are.
Expected date to be in compliance with SNOMED-CT We already are.
Interfaces / Interoperability
Does this product have existing lab interfaces with Quest? If Yes, please explain whether the interfaces are uni or bi-directional. Yes
If Yes to the previous question, are the interfaces bundled or provided at additional cost? Please explain. No
No additional cost.
If the lab company picks up the costs, will the practice be charged maintenance and support fees? If Yes, please explain. No
No additional cost.
Does this product have existing lab interfaces with Labcorp? If Yes, Yes
If Yes to the previous question, are the interfaces bundled or provided at additional cost? Please explain. No
No additional cost.
If the lab company picks up the costs, will the practice be charged maintenance and support fees? If Yes, please explain. No
No additional cost.
Does the company offer an integrated EHR/PM system? (i.e. a combined EHR/PM system) Yes
Bi-directional. No additional cost.
[If yes to the previous question] Does your system used a single shared database (not interfaced) for the EHR/PM system? Yes
Can your product be interfaced with a different PM system if the practice chooses to do so? No
List of Practice Management systems with which you have existing interfaces
If you do not have an interface with a particular PM system, are you willing to develop a custom interface? No
If an interfaced PM system is used, does your EHR product transfer billing and coding data captured during the encounter to the PM system? If yes, is this a one-step or multi-step process? No
Does the EHR use an interface engine? No
Implementation and training
Tools and/or services offered to clients in order to achieve meaningful use of their EHR? We have tutorials and recorded webinars available on our website. Along with that, we also conduct scheduled trainings in 2 parts i.e. clinical (usually for providers) and non-clinical training (usually for staff). Tools: CQMS, Meaningful Use Calculator, PQRS
Tools and/or services offered to clients for current workflow analysis and redesign when using an EHR? We are logging their activity and workflow and use Artificial intelligence to improve and implement personalized workflow designs.
Do you recommend a graduated implementation or a big-bang implementation (all live at the same time) for your EHR? For small size practices, we recommend a big bang implementation. On the other hand, for larger practices, we recommend graduated implementations. However, we analyze and work with practices according to their personal preference.
What training mechanisms are used by the EHR Vendor? On Site
Web Based
Web Based interactive
Is there a minimum amount of training required by your company in order to satisfy the support and maintenance contract that we would sign with you? No
talkEHR is an intuitive platform. At the same time, we believe everyone learns at their own pace and we respect that. We work with our clients.
Do you provide any guarantees regarding the ability of a practice to meet meaningful use requirements? Yes
Does your company provide any guarantees that your EHR product will comply with Stage 2 and Stage 3 meaningful use requirements? Yes
We are Meaningful Use 3 certified and have applied all features to comply with the certification.
Is there a minimum amount of training required by your company in order for our practice to satisfy compliance with meaningful use guarantees?
What services do you offer for post-implementation optimization of the system with respect to training and system customization? At talkEHR, we are always looking forward to feedback and suggestions. Since our platform caters to everyone, we implement changes for all our users. We have a forum where users provide their suggestions which are implemented through complete analysis and prioritization. Along with that we provide live technical support over the phone and via email.
Does your product support ePrescribing? Is there an additional charge for this service or is it included in the overall cost? Yes
talkEHR is a free product and does support ePrescribing. The standard costs incurred are sent to our users. One time standard ID proofing rates of $75/ per provider apply. Controlled substances can be included for an additional $60/ provider per year.
Which formulary does your product use? We use the SureScripts forumulary and implement all new features they have to offer.
Does the system allow users to add drugs that may not be in the original database? No
How are drug allergies and adverse reactions recorded and integrated into the prescribing module? Patient should have an active drug allergy which is recorded in allergy module. While prescribing any medicine which has a contradiction to the active drug allergy. Then Drug to Allergy contradiction alerts are shown in popup.
When prescribing multiple medications, am I presented with an ability to separately acknowledge or document individual alerts? Yes
Is there an ability for the physician or practice to modify preset alerts? (e.g. Severe vs. mild or moderate) No
Is there an ability for the physician to filter the display of alerts? Yes
It has role based settings where user can customize the alerts to be shown to the user of practice.
How are episodic and long-term medications tracked in the patient’s record? All active and inactive medications are available under Medication Section in patient record. However any tracking report does not exist.
Does the system allow users to switch drug interaction checking on or off? No
In the medication list, is a user able to sort medications by multiple parameters including date prescribed, diagnostic code, active or discontinued? Yes
The list of medication is sorted in descending order by default. Inactive medications are shown under separate header
What pre-defined templates do you provide?

Definition: A template is a pre-defined structured capability to rapidly record content including information on clinical conditions or vital signs through mechanisms such as menus, predefined fields or checklis
Cinical documentation, Lab/ imaging order, Quality Measures, Billing claim. All templates are customizable.
Do you charge additional fees for any of templates? No
Templates can be easily created and customized within the product. Pre-made templates can be selected at no charge from the templates library. talkEHR may create limited customized templates if needed at no charge.
Can clients customize existing templates? Yes
Can clients use tools provided through the system to develop their own templates? Yes
Will your company build custom custom templates to the practices specifications? Yes
This will be in accordance with the functionality of talkEHR. There is an associated fee.
If a doctor has created a custom template in their EHR, will the templates and custom rules be maintained when new full releases and patches are installed?
Support & Maintenance
What is the process for managing questions and service requests? Support is provided via email, phone as well as a forum within the product where users can help each other as well and share their thoughts as well.
Are different tiers of support offered (including pricing information)? Yes
Virtual support is provided at no charge.
What are the options for a client to contact your company for support? Email, live phone support, Secure Support messaging available within talkEHR.
What level and type(s) of support are provided during go-live? FAQs, Tutorials, Webinars, remote live support
Is a formal users' group, online community forum or other form of social networking community available? There is a users forum within talkEHR where users can communicate with each other as well as the talkEHR team. We also take suggestions to improve our product through this feature.
What are the standard hours of operation during which support is provided? 24/7 support is available.
What are the steps for a client to escalate a support request? All our support requests are addressed with equal priority. For urgent matters, we recommend phone calls.
Do you use off-shore technical support? Yes
Are software upgrades provided as part of the software maintenance contract? Yes
How are customer requests for enhancements and customizations handled? Suggestions can be made on our forum or via email. We conduct our analysis as to how it can be incorporated in our product in a further enhanced way that results in efficiency and effectiveness of the feature.
How are drug interaction tools updated in your system? We work with our vendors Dr. First and SureScripts to keep an up to date system that alerts the provider on drug interactions. This. comes with our e-prescribing service.
How are patient education materials updated in your system? Patient education materials can be added by the practice and we provide default materials as well which can be viewed on the patient portal.
How are requests from clients handle for customizations of their system post “go-live”? A detailed analysis is conducted for any customizations. Our system analysis team along with medical specialists, design the workflow in the best possible scenario to meet the providers needs seamlessly. We provide the client a deadline when the specific request will be going live for them.
Is remote monitoring available with the ability to alert clients about system problems? No
What is your recommended backup strategy? MTBC’s backup procedure is designed to ensure the business continuity of the company by protecting critical elements (information, data, servers, network infrastructure and communications) through backups, so that these elements can be recovered in the event of an equipment failure, intentional destruction of data, or disaster. Data Backup is offsite as well as onsite. Backups of following types are being ensured: Servers, Database backup, Code, Networks (Alternate Internet links, Communication Links, Router backup), System images and software backup.
Do you offer remote backup for a client's system? No
We do not provide backup services to the remote client system reside in the client domain.
When an interface goes down, how is that information recovered? Further, data backup are taken after periodic intervals. So in case of any data loss, these backups can be restored quickly.
Reporting Tools
Does your system provide a reporting tool with pre-formatted reports? Yes
We have both clinical and non-clinical reports. Non-clinical reports include all aspects of billing and financial management of a practice.
Is your reporting tool able to create the following reports?

1.Generate a list of all patients with a chronic condition (e.g. Diabetes, COPD)
2.Generate a list of all patients with a specific condition who have not been seen within a defined period
3.Generate a list of all patients with a specific condition and lab result who have not been seen within a defined period. (e.g. diabetic patients with a HbA1c=9 not seen in the last 4 months)
4.Generate a list of all patients on a specific drug with an active medical problem
Are these reporting tools bundled with the EHR system or provided as add-ons? Yes
They are all included. There are no additional costs.
Does your system support PQRI (Physician Quality Reporting Initiative) reporting? Yes
Order Management Tools
Does your program provide any order management tools? No
Does your program provide any document management tools? Yes
There is no assciated cost.
Does your program provide any other workflow management tools? No
Patient Health Record (Portal)
Do you offer a Patient Health Record that integrates into your system? Yes
It is included with talkEHR. Our patient portal is called talkPHR.
Data Conversion
Do you offer data conversion services from other products to your product? Yes
Data conversion is available for: Billing data
Demographic data
Clinical data
What are the data conversion and transfer costs? There are no additional costs for data conversion.
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