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Until health care entities can more freely share information (especially in real time), the eHR system can not substantially improve healthcare, reduce duplication or save money or time. For me as an older physician (66 yo), it has been a near-disaster in terms of job satisfaction & productivity. 92 months ago 0
As a nephrologist, this system works well in the dialysis unit as well. It is built for nephrologists and communicates with a similar system that is utilized by a large dialysis facility. 92 months ago 0
It doesn't seem that the vendor is interested in making improvements to the product that will improve the physician's experience, rather they seem intent on fixing glitches or less relevant tweaks. It seems as though the product is at least a couple major rewrites away from being as useful as it ought. Its structure seems stuck in some easier version, with too many clicks needed. 110 months ago 0
The EHR company has been incredibly unresponsive regarding requests for enhancements. 123 months ago 0
There are lot of nice features which can be added to this system - for example lab review in tabular form without having to open a different page each time. The formatting of the progress note could be on one page rather than three pages. 130 months ago 0
The review function on lab and test scanned in or entered electronically is very cumbersome and much less efficient than paper unless the test are available before patient is seen. You need multiple screens to view this easily. 132 months ago 0
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