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it often loses information that I have typed in and have "saved". It also has lost entire encounters from particular dates from 2 patients (so far). NO adequate reponse form EHR company. 64 months ago 0
Before I bought this system I was ASSURED (4 times) that the system would capture every keystroke, but no it does not; nearly every day, information I have just typed is gets lost, because I have not pressed a "save" button. 83 months ago 1
Believe this to be true with ALL EHR systems, after talking with a multitude of other physicians about a number of different EHR systems. This is the absolute WORST thing to be thrust upon the physician community in my 30+ years of practice. 82 months ago 0
If the vendor would periodically follow up with me regarding problems I have without charging me more money that would be ideal. 82 months ago 0
We use a limited version that doesnt have all the bells/whistles of the full Meditouch EHR. 97 months ago 0
Good product, with fairly frequent updates adding more features/functionality, at a reasonable price. Customer service is generally very responsive and courteous. 100 months ago 0
No improvement in patient safety. It is template driven and gives a false sense of security. 100 months ago 0
I think it is a fallacy that EHR is more efficient and a timne saver. It certainly has not been that for us and many people I have spoken to using a variety of systems have found the same thing. In fact it takes more time to do the appropriate documentation than it previously did. Do not think this is a function of system we use and so when I say that I may be dissatisfied with aspects of the system, I frankly don't think it would be better with other systems and so for a variety of economic reasons, I would continue to use system we are currently using. It's not great, it is adequate and functional and from what I've seen in our review of variety of systems before we made our selection, and what I've heard in talking to colleagues, no one is really happy with their EHR but have accepted the inevitability of it and deal with it. 103 months ago 0
I feel it is more my office staff not really wanting to learn the system. 105 months ago 0
Current system now interacts with billing. Old record system did not. Still struggling with patient documentation piece. Very easy to generate reports for analysis of practice and individual members' performance. Still working on interaction with labs, radiology, etc. from outside resources. Anticipate we will be able to manage chronic disease and proactively get patient reminders out for need of immunizations, labs etc. 125 months ago 0
It's new, and they seem to be learning along with the rest of us. We have submitted many suggestions/changes, and are told they may be done in the future. 126 months ago 0
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