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Greenway Medical Technologies

  • Head Office

    100 Greenway Boulevard Carrollton, GA 30117

  • EHR Feedback

Score = 3.37 | nValue = 99

Feedback Date User Comments EHR Rating
The customer support is poor. It is not unusual for staff to be on the phone for hours or not to get a response for 2 weeks or more after submitting an electronic ticket. They promise EHR features that are actually not available (I'm still waiting almost 2 years later for them to implement features discussed before go-live as part of the product). 74 months ago 0
Although I would not recommend it, I haven't unfortunately found a better one. All of the systems that I have seen seem to have the same problems. They don't understand how a physician works. 76 months ago 0
Greatly increases my workload for other than direct patient care. Has added 1-2 hrs of this to my day. 77 months ago 0
The Company is extremely responsive to its users. They make frequent upgrades and improvements based on input from users. They have an annual users conference which is excellent and well attended. 111 months ago 1
More so than the EHR itself, Greenway as a company is very aggressive and punishing with sales and charges for "add on" services. They have very poor customer support even with non-sales tasks. My office manager has to routinely wait an extremely long time on the phone to troubleshoot problems. 89 months ago 0
Our relationship with Greenway has been challenging. They are a small company that tries to compete against much more experienced players (eClinical, AllScripts) but their cloud-based product just isn't polished enough for professional use. Unlike server-based offices, we cannot maximize windows within the application, so much of our work is done within tiny view boxes that won't enlarge beyond 1/4 of the screen. Working on a laptop, that isn't much room, so I'm constantly scrolling up and down through notes from specialists, squinting at tiny print, trying to read things in a ridiculously tiny view box. Was also told it would be compatible with my Welch-Allyn EKG, but it isn't...the vendor's solution was that I should get rid of a brand-new $5,000 Welch-Allyn and replace it with a Midmark. The Greenway website STILL claims that it is Welch-Allyn compatible, but 1 year later...paying for an interface that still doesn't work...we are still having to print and then scan in our EKGs. There have been a thousand small frustrations. This is the 7th EMR I have worked with over my career, so I think my expectations of functionality and vendor responsiveness are not unrealistic. 95 months ago 0
Too much amateurish computer programming makes the program look amateurish in its functionality and output. 96 months ago 0
Problem was not our specific EMR (which is +/- as good as all the others) but the overall net effect of an EMR system on the humanistic aspect of caring for people and the time/frustration drain that they perpetrate. 96 months ago 0
The issues I am dissatisfied with seem to be common to all EHRs that I have looked at. 96 months ago 0
We switched from Allscripts My Way. The problem is the vendors, and their lack of experienced project managers. 96 months ago 0
Still struggling after 6 years to re-gain my family time and quality of life because I do so much more charting remotely now. 96 months ago 0
There are not enough hours in the day to teach the physician how to use the EHR properly. The EHR shifts a burden of work from staff to the physician in a devious fashion and it impedes direct patient contact and care. 96 months ago 0
The upkeep is too high for a single physician office. They are not attentive to small practices. 97 months ago 0
it is all about the clinical templates. The generic ones the vendor included are unsatisfactory and for me to create ones needed for my practice would require me spend time for weeks if not months working with a savvy software person (I am 71 years old). 97 months ago 0
Very costly with cumbersome templates for general family medicine practice. Practice Management application is fair to good. 97 months ago 0
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