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GE Healthcare

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Score = 3.27 | nValue = 205

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Very poorly designed with many unnecessary and time-consuming steps. Also, prescribing software has dangerous features that ignore the need for patient safety. Drug interaction software is completely worthless. 57 months ago 0
no one apparently required EMR vendors to make their systems user friendly. most did not even ask for physician input 72 months ago 0
EMR promised a lot but takes attention away from the patient and towards doing clerical work. It promised the ability to do quality measurement but doesn't. Not to mention all the crappy interaction with CMS and the cost of an IT department. 72 months ago 0
Having looked at several EHR systems, not sure we would be more satisfied with other systems. The lack of usability, easy integration into clinical workflow, and lack of interoperability seem to plague all systems we've looked at. Also, all but the simplest changes required us to hire a consultant. Meeting MU and PQRS required many hours from a consultant, and we ultimately decided to abandon MU participation and reporting after the first 2 years. EHR-related loss of satisfaction in the practice of medicine is among several factors pushing me to consider retiring a few years earlier than I might otherwise have planned on. 73 months ago 0
Although I'm currently dissatisfied, the manufacturer has informed us of a product roadmap which could lead to improvement in functionality. I'm hopeful, but also aware that progress will be slow if it happens at all. 73 months ago 0
Certain aspects, such as prescribing software, apwere designed in a sloppy manner. For example, when refilling meds on the refill module, the entire 'sig' directions is not visible to the prescriber. This is a source of error. Also, the computer generates lots of inaccurate information, because it is so cumbersome and time-consuming to enter the data in a way that it will recognize the data for reports. 73 months ago 0
We have not been well served by the project manager at GE during our upgrade. We were eventually able to find a helpful person in their organization but the upgrade process has been painful and is still not complete. 91 months ago 0
Many features do not work. The Meaningful use upgrade is a disaster - I listed many things as Difficult or very difficult because theY DO NOT WORK. I am clinical IT and very good at several EMRs - it is slow, not reliable, constant boot offs, the patient portal is iffy and MU is terrible for patient care. I am not sure how much is the EMR or the fact that they had to quickly build MU 2 requirements (ridiculous requirements that I believe are actually NEGATIVE for patient care) into the system and release it too quickly before actually beta testing. Our rx's bounce, our patients are upset, our scans take a long time to open and then are not in order, the MU clinical visit summary is a disaster and we had to create a work around. In fact, my job is almost always to create work arounds that let us provider the best care for patients while living in MU and other government requirements. We would love to have scribes, but good scribes are expensive and after you have invested in training, they get snatched up by the higher paying private practice down the street (scribing is not a long term career choice). I think Centricity could have been a good EMR if they had designed with a practicing physician. Instead making it focused on data collection and the doctors data entry we have lost the view on productivity, efficiency and patient safety. I for one am glad we do not fly airplanes. 91 months ago 0
I wish I could afford a scribe. 91 months ago 0
The centricity EMR is significantly easier to use than the Meditech EMR that I use in the ER. 92 months ago 0
I still have to implement an extremely large number of clicks to finish patient charts, and I have to implement an extremely large number of clicks to access each patient's record. Starting the patient and finishing the patient are my two largest frustrations; when I am in the patient's chart and getting all my work done with the patient, I am fine. Just wish starting and finishing were smoother. 92 months ago 0
Communication with other entities requires interfaces which are VERY expensive and not readily available, thus limiting effectiveness. 92 months ago 0
Now 7 years into use of the EMR I am still seeing fewer patients and spending 1 hour more a day documenting. If I had known what practicing medicine would be with an EMR I would not have become a physician. My EMR provider has no clue what his product has on the quality of my practice experience and has shown no interest therein. 92 months ago 0
I do not think the issues are specific to my EHR. This is a widespread issue. EHRs do not in my experience improve patient care overall, they increase workload tremendously, they do nothing for communication between physicians, they generate tons of meaningless garbage which serves only one purpose and that is to satisfy insurance company rules re documentation and re-imbursement. None of us read the pages and pages of junk generated - what is missing is the thought process and what is emphasized is the mindless filling out of useless check boxes that has no impact on patient care. In summary, I spend 95% of my time typing and 5% of my time thinking. 92 months ago 0
All EHR is money makers for the company that produces it but does not improve revenue for the MD. 92 months ago 0
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