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Support services are terrible and updates are often loaded with errors. 68 months ago 0
regulatory and third party oversight such as "meaningful use" is destroying the practice of primary care medicine. 68 months ago 0
This system was built for billing, not for clinical care, and it's VERY difficult to customize. The potential is there, but realistically, the time it would take to get it working the way it COULD makes it impossible. 87 months ago 0
Changing doses of meds should be easier, should be able to change just dose, not go out to find as a new med. Better up-front education on the need to create templates to make encounters quicker and to use common patient treatment plans and education. 88 months ago 0
Have used Centricity, Allscripts, Sunrise and Epic. They all suck. They are there for the use of the government and insurance companies to harvest data. No one cares about the patient or the MD. By the way, I am not computer naive. My major in college was computers. I can program in multiple languages. The crap that is out there now that masquerades as EMR would have yielded a failing grade in college. The data is poorly organized and not easily accessible. Things are being lost in the EMR and this will hurt the patient. The government is driving this to lower costs. 88 months ago 0
It is becoming cost prohibitive to remain in the EMR game. We need product agnostic interfaces to allow us to share clinical content with other providers. With the pharmacies now becoming providers of vaccines, we need them to shoulder the burden of updating my patient record—not me. 88 months ago 0
I have used 4 EHR systems. They are a disgrace. These systems being imposed on doctors costs us too much. The meaningful use discount is BS. This is causing more confusion and mistakes and impersonal medical care while docs type and not focus on subtle exam finding of patients. We cannot engage in conversation as well. Increase time of a visit. Not spending money for scribes... Enough already! This is one of the many horrible features of the ACA. 89 months ago 0
It might have worked better if the company that was our IT provider actually trained us and did not charge us weekly for problems that needed fixing ie. the worse the EHR worked, the more money his company made. It was criminal. 89 months ago 0
Some of our issues are admittedly related to the implementation of the system by the IT department of our multi-specialty practice. 98 months ago 1
Can't wait to retire!! 106 months ago 0
We have had an EMR since 1995 and replaced in 2005 with both EMR and billing with Centricity. All of them have their issues. It is ok. 106 months ago 0
I don't have a problem with the EHR software. I have a problem with the administrative blindsight at my organization in setting it up, the lack of focus on maintaining efficiency in clinical staff, the cluttered approach to making changes to the way we use the EHR, and especially the poor support from the vendor. The EHR is a tool. It's a fine tool. The teachers and administrators of the said tool need to be shamed for their poor implementation skills. 106 months ago 0
The words "hate", "longer hours and fewer patients seen), and "worsening of patient care" come to mind. 107 months ago 0
The promise of EHR is still just that. No clinical benfits have been shown. More work for less functionality. 107 months ago 0
I beleive the EHR could be customized, but since we are a large group and we are not allowed to make changes, the EHR does not function as well as it should for my speciality. 107 months ago 0
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