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when the emr is indispensible, then I'll say it's very helpful. currently, a lot of extraneous information is required to compkete each screen. just to do a prescription renewal, the system tends to default such that it has to be revised to add eg. tablet, othersise it script won't transmit...there is a continual accumulation of time consuming annoyances that sedm to be inherent to the system. we have to call IT frequently. the system crashes, i get locked off the screen... there are a myriad # of issues that slow things up. I see the potential, but the whole transition to the emr was poorly planned, in my opinion. 65 months ago 0
I think the system we have is good, it does all it is mandated to do. But the idea that it makes me more efficient is laughable. I see fewer patients and do more computer work from home than 5 years ago. It isn't the EMR system as much as meaningful use and documentation requirements. I spend more time entering orders - it is a time-consuming process. 65 months ago 0
It is difficult to evaluate MU. HHS has been very poor to get requirements to vendors and then physicians are at the end of the chain trying to implement software that is often done hurriedly and with bugs that need subsequent SPs to work properly. Quality reporting software is not reliable or accurate when first released. HHS has much blame for this. Also I had hoped by now to have better interoperability between systems. We are a 100+ provider integrated system and it is a huge plus that all patients have one chart. It would be beneficial to transmit data to other clinics with different EMR. I do not think we are close on this objective. 65 months ago 0
I have used Centricity since 2006. It is basically a paper chart done electronically. It has had some improvements in the last 8 years, but remains basically the same. It is amazing that it still is not windows based--basically you have to close the page you are on to go to another part of the chart. Lots of clicking involved. It does allow lots of customization, but this has to be done by trained staff and we have lots of staff dedicated to it. I had hoped going to their CPS system would help, but looking at the ratings of that product on this site makes me think it won't be much better. I have heard for years that GE is not happy with the orders module, but they have not improved it. Managing problem lists is very difficult. Looking for previous medications is extremely hard--there is no search function. To be perfectly honest I don't know how they are selling any new systems. I have looked at others and they seem to be far superior. Hopefully their CPS product will be better than others have seen. 80 months ago 0
Very good I think for use by large clinics. Very good company and support. 83 months ago 0
This is a horrible system for an enterprise. Anyone can change the information in the summary screens and take out what you may have previously entered. Yes, it stays in a note way down in the giant list of notes, but it's not quickly available. And, it doesn't communicate with other systems on campus. It's horrible for obstetrics and actually makes it more likely that we will miss important information like GBS status. The data does not update easily for each pregnancy. And the clinic must choose only one flowsheet. So, OB is chosen making all NON PREGNANT patients flowsheets very poorly useful. I love the EHR concept, but this system is exceptionally bad. 84 months ago 0
The current support from GE for the providers for our 100+ doctor multi-specialty clinic and several hundred or so other providers in the health system, I do not feel is adequate or responsive enough. Most of the work is done by our IT department. I don't think Centricity is suitable for a system with as many providers as we have. 101 months ago 0
We have had our system for for 21 months. I see fewer patients per day because everything takes longer to do and there is more for me to do rather than give it someone else. My income has gone down significantly. I run late everyday. The only thing that keeps my patients coming back is that they like me and my office and they realize that when I retire (which is not soon enough) there will be likely no one to take my place. 102 months ago 0
It's the first one I have ever used, so I don't know how it compares to other systems. Also, since our group only recently started using it, there are still several changes that need to be made. Overall, I am very happy to be using EMR. 102 months ago 0
Major problem is that our practice and the two hospitals all use different systems, and so there is NOT seamless transfer. Signing notes and lab values is tedious--multiple steps required because of need to document resident interaction etc. Difficult to edit a note if you sign it and then notice a typo or other error. 114 months ago 0
We do NOT have nearly enough opportunity to customize it to our own needs. Many tests are still not populated into a standard format (Pulmonary function tests, echos still just scanned as full document). 116 months ago 0
We have to use a programmer to generate reports and registries in Excel. We are planning to upgrade to version 9.5 which will allow us to participate in Meaningful Use and to e-prescribe, but are awaiting a demo from the vendor. 119 months ago 0
Remote access difficult. 119 months ago 0
The EHR is not primarily my record keeping tool, but a system for organizing my record for ease of access by rule-makers and 3rd party payers wanting to see where their money is going. It demands a major increase in note-structuring, which is time consuming. This system does not create an adequate note template, is not able to provide split-screen viewing for side by side comparison of previous and current data, and does not adequately indicate what you have done,including whether you have completed a task, except by going back to that step to look. It is also much slower to access until typing skills improve. Neither typing or voice-writing is as fast or accurate as the human transcription I used though most of my career. Most of the physicians I know spend much more personal time now after hours and on weekends, doing record management. My hospital system is ditching Centricity for switch to Epic this year. 119 months ago 0
Most of our technical support is for our groups IT dept and they are very responsive to our needs and create advancements to our programming. One of our physicians was very active in creating programming that enabled us to achieve the Diabetic excellence award. We actually have little contact from the Vendor support personnel but I assume that the IT department works with them actively. 119 months ago 0
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