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Epic Systems Corporation

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    1979 Milky Way Verona, WI 53593

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Score = 3.41 | nValue = 809

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Epic offers lots of functionality good and offers integration across our large heathcare system, and overall I'm a huge advocate of the technology. There were significant problems with implementation that could have been avoided if the team had listened to local experts and scheduled beta-testing. Usability and training remain as ongoing issues, compounded by the fact that communication between management, build teams and users is often disjointed. 61 months ago 0
focus is on capturing CPT and IC 10 codes. the amount of time to write/create note is enormous, not enough after care instructions. and decision making tools are hard to use given extra time needed. Overall, there is soo much that needs to be managed witht he EMR that doctors are now doing data entry foremost. too difficult to easily create templates.. takes 20 minutes per template 72 months ago 0
It is a continuing process to learn and improve. I feel that I am still scratching the surface. 76 months ago 0
It needs to be more intuitive. A two year old can run an iPad because it is so intuitive. It takes 5-10 minutes to figure out a problem on epic. The screens are WAY to congested. The entire EHR industry needs a paradigm shift. Really. We use to be drowning in paperwork and now we are drowning in software because it needs to be more intuitive and simpler. 76 months ago 0
Meaningful Use + EHR = less time w patients and more time doing data entry/orders. Frustrating. 76 months ago 0
It's an electronic billing system not a medical records system. As such, it makes collection of accurate clinical data very very cumbersome, requires the physician to waste inordinate amounts of time on clerical duties and has proven itself to be the biggest single liability factor in my practice. I find it be a very blunt instrument indeed and it is the third electronic system I have worked with. 76 months ago 0
It is the dominant EHR in our area; most of the health systems in this geographic area use Epic. One feature I like is that I can look at my patient's records in other health systems--saves having to call and get faxes, etc. I can see them when I am seeing the patient. 76 months ago 0
Makes us far less efficient. 76 months ago 0
I had to retire because of the difficulties infused into our practice by the need to use EHR. More importantly, EHR obscures the important medical facts by burying them in scads of unnecessary information. When I read a colleague's EHR note, it documents everything but tells me nothing. This dramatically reduces the level of patient care. 76 months ago 0
This system and most seem more designed to provide administrative data than to improve clinical care. The documentation of clinical encounters is filled with clinically useless and templated information, making it difficult to find the actual clinical observations. The systems promote templates which are often poorly designed and "cut and paste" strategies where the goal is to check bullets rather than actually evaluate patients carefully and document findings. The stories of patients are lost, and most patients would not even be able to recognize themselves in the notes that are about them. The lack of interactivity between systems means that patients traveling across segments of the system (for instance hospital to nursing home or vice versa) have laborious medication reconciliation. Med errors have increased at the nursing home due to this. Until these systems are further redesigned to support clinical documentation needs they will continue to disappoint most clinicians. 76 months ago 0
I have worked with 3 EMRs in my career: Epic, Greenway and Allscripts. They each have some benefits and disadvantages but the biggest disadvantage that does not really seem to be addressed, is that an EMR adds 1.5 hours of data entry per day, that encroaches on our family time and for which physicians are not compensated, which contributes highly to my dissatisfaction with EMRs. Yes I can access it at home, but do I really WANT to? 76 months ago 0
There is not a good option to EMR. It takes a great deal of time to enter information and has made work load increase with decrease in practice satisfaction. 77 months ago 0
Adds time to my patient care responsibiities, not reduce the time. 77 months ago 0
huge system; have to have a standardized program which isn't tailorable to individual physicians or groups, but I've managed to make it work. 77 months ago 0
doubled the work load 77 months ago 0
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