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Epic Systems Corporation

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Medication alerts are as likely to be nuisance items as they are meaningful alerts, wastes time and generates sense of "liability dumping" onto the doctors. Problem lists are cumbersome and design of questionable value from clinical perspective. 72 months ago 0
Data entry is a major impediment to patient flow. We do not use scribes or voice recognition. Typing is burdensome 72 months ago 0
cumbersome--inefficient--generates increased errors---inflexible--what could be done in 10 seconds now takes 5-10 minutes 76 months ago 0
All EHR's convert the most highly compensated people in the building into data entry technicians. The EHR takes away from patient contact. Many physicians spend most of their time looking at the computer and answering questions for the computer. Medication order errors are increased. The overall quality of documentation is worse; there is often no prose describing the patent's condition, hospital course, obvious physical findings are left out of the record (people just click boxes), useful information is buried in pages of automatically generated fluff (17 page PT report with one sentence of usable). 96 months ago 0
I want to be a physician not a computer jockey. Mega data collection with decreased efficiency, no privacy and no apparent improvement in outcome. Just computer drool. 96 months ago 0
It would have been better had the hospital done a better job making changes to it. 96 months ago 0
EHR enables mediocrity and is a huge tax on a physicians most valuable asset - time (turns docs into data entry specialists). 96 months ago 0
Impairs patient care. 96 months ago 0
We went with MyChart (to communicate t/f the patient). I have a smart phrase re how much I HATE my chart. Pts send me messages through it and I NEVER ck. I tell them if they want to talk to me they need to email or call my office. I have three email sites and get >200 emails each day, I cant/don't want a 4th site to ck to see if someone is trying to reach me. Our leaders of our organization love it (they don't have to deal with it). I have had THREE DISASTERS with my chart (one being with my wife when she was notified than IgM band was elevated, she then went to WebMD and was convinced she was dying, the MyChart pinged her at ~1130 PM that the test was in (on a Friday eve). she panicked, I emailed the doc who responded sat, I have had two other pts with similar STUPID stories that turned out to be nothing but the radiology report says c/w tumor or stroke or whatever...pts receive the info before the physician can even look at it. It is TERRIBLE. Call me if you would like to see MyChart smart phrase which essentially warns pts that they will more than likely get a result b4 I will. That MRI's etc are almost NEVER NORMAL. They will see scary words, like stroke, possible tumor, infection etc, which may or MAY NOT be of any consequence. That if they are concerned do NOT respond to me on MyCHART, please email me or call my office....grrrrrrr. 96 months ago 0
The system is very powerful and can do many things. I am not even aware of some of the things it can do. My complaint is that it is extremely cumbersome to use. For example, if I want to bill for a pacemaker lead extraction I must know the CPT code for that. If I put in "lead" I get a list of diagnoses for lead poisoning. If I put in pacemaker I get a list of all the pacemaker models the hospital stocks. Considering that I am required to charge for something I have to google CPT codes or go on a pacer manufacturers website to find the CPT code and hope I got it right. This is a complete waste of my time as is forcing me to become a transcriptionist. I don't so much mind physician order entry but, again, the system is very user unfriendly. There are many functions that require way too much time and too many mouse clicks. 97 months ago 0
Overwhelming amount of data including every telephone call, etc detracts from the meaningful data. Time necessary to document at least in hospital medicine, detracts greatly from direct patient care. 97 months ago 0
We are still in the "go live" process but so far, so good. 97 months ago 0
This and the outpatient EHRs are impediments to safe, empathic medical care. 110 months ago 0
EPIC was designed to capture charges and has no real efficiency in workflow. It turns patient data into mere numbers and loses the narrative. It is time consuming and costs more in time, frustration, inaccuracy (docs and nurses put in wrong data) and patients hate it since the provider looks at a computer screen not the patient. It is a very bad idea in medical practice as it stands now. I suspect an EMR designed with first attention to how physicians practice would be good. EPIC is NOT. 110 months ago 0
it has lengthened providers' work day by more than an are impenetrable and certainly not user friendly...our hospital has focused on billing..clinicians have not been able to glean outcome or cohort data from the system. (clarity reports are difficult)..incredibly frustrating.. 110 months ago 0
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