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Mosaiq works wonderfully for our Radiation colleagues, but the chemotherapy ordering system is quite poor and cumbersome. Dose adjustment or changes are difficult unless they are very basic. Changing the date of a chemotherapy regimen works very well. Once you learn how to use the lab review portal, it is extremely good, fast and automatically graphs results. However, if I have to act on results (like having the patient start potassium, I have to go to a different system called QCLs which are not automatically accessible - I know that is stupid). We have issues with coding, and workflow. Interfaces have been poor. For example, we have worked on getting hospital X-ray and other reports to read correctly into Mosaiq, and after several years it is actually a little worse than it was before - making it difficult to find a CT scan when it is not labeled correctly. Alekta has been dismal in providing help with this. Although there are a few things that work well, I give Mosaiq a generally poor report. 61 months ago 0
The questions above about lab satisfaction at 3 months are based on the product in 2009. I was very dissatisfied, however, now the lab review function in Mosaiq is great. Ability to modify patient diagnoses and problems is horrible. Ability to enter charge codes is good. Chemotherapy oversight and management is poor. 76 months ago 0
Our system is lousy, but the other offerings for radiation oncology are worse, judging by my experience and my conversations with other radiation oncologists. My biggest complaint is the total lack of communication with anyone else's EMR, which pretty much defeats the primary upside to going electronic. 112 months ago 0
This is a limited radiation oncology system. 119 months ago 0
We implemented the EMR over several years and now are using all or most of the functions. We have a totally separate e-prescribing system. We await an updated version coming in 5/2012. A lot of the slow implementation was due to staff resistance but much was due to lack of adequate support from the hospital IT department and adequate budget for training etc. 120 months ago 0
Our system is very good at managing a medical oncology practice but is not applicable at all to other specialties, other than radiation oncology. It requires a fair amount of customization which takes time, but the customization pays off in the end and helps adapt a practice's workflow to the EMR and vice-versa. 120 months ago 0
Very efficient system, easy to navigate and very comprehensive. 128 months ago 0
We started with scheduling within the EHR before 2002. In about 2008, it took a commitment from everyone over about one year to completely convert over the EHR from paper charts. It was expensive and very stressful!!!! Interfacing with the office lab equipment took at least a year of trouble shooting. NOW, The system is awesome and I would never go back to paper charts and billing. We have much to do to meet "meaningful use" - we are just meeting the standards set for this year. 131 months ago 0
A somewhat painful experience. Hopefully it will all pay off in improved patient care. 135 months ago 0
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