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Flaw basic architecture with cloned notes and lots of bugs disrupting work flows. 47 months ago 0
Its use is a huge waste of time, but even more importantly, it is detrimental to providing quality medical care. 70 months ago 0
Have a unidirectional lab and xray interface with hospital. 71 months ago 0
It is by far the best of the 3 systems we've used. It is still primarily a billing tool, not a doctor's tool. 71 months ago 0
EHRs are helpful in many ways but pitfalls are present that one must be aware of.It makes do nonphysician tasks and wastes my time in many ways,our overhead is down but I work longer with crappier notes 72 months ago 0
I spend excessive time in documentation -- 2-4 hours in the evening just to get through all the information and documentation, added on to the full day. The hospital has their own system and refuses to interface with our system (though this is possible, therefore much redundancy and transfer of info by print and scan!) The real purpose of EMRs are for billing, liability, and data mining on behalf of the interested and demanding parties for such documentation. As a clinical tool, the EMRs do not live up to this purpose and has added extraordinary waste of time to our day. I am NOT new to the use of EMRs...but this is a voice from the frontlines. Is anyone out there really listening? 72 months ago 0
I am a solo practice internist no other practitioner look in my chart or sees my patients,my paper chart very well organized & worked very well for me& my patients for many years& was able to provide quality monitoring/ incentives,patient safety,education,drug interaction,vaccines,screening..... With ease.EHR has its role& benefits but not in solo practices 72 months ago 0
Support phone calls are answered promptly, though understanding the phone bank in India is very difficult. 72 months ago 0
It's a big pain. Takes more time. It makes me a data inputter for outside agencies who want to show something about pts (I expect that information generated by this "data" won't be "real:). With my extra time and effort about inputting pt data, I can retrieve individual pt information a bit more easily. 72 months ago 0
Have a uni-directional lab interface with the hospital so loop open(not fault of emr); Ohio does not have the capability to accept immunization and syndromic surveillance data as of this time. Have attested successfully for Stage 2 for 2015. 72 months ago 0
see previous comments. Some questions hard to answer. Like end product but horribly too inefficient for data entry and getting the final notes and cumulative data. Only thing more efficient was direct lab transfer and review of lab, patient portal for patient and staff communication and e-scripts when I could get pharmacies to request refills electronically. Also no integration with other emir's or hospital ear's. The whole emr system is destroyed for sick complicated patients by having to enter all data manually both when patients go in and come out of hospital. Haven't worked with EPIC but that system does integrate in and outpatie t. As I see it if that is only system that does that all of medical data in the United States who'd be converted to that system. WE NEED INTEGRATION OF ALL DATA TO MAKE THIS WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!! 72 months ago 0
Takes us each an extra hour to get our note completed. 72 months ago 0
I want my paper chart back. 72 months ago 0
eClinicalWorks as a company is difficult to work with and they have questionable ethics; they nickel and dime and seem more interested in what revenue they can generate as opposed to helping achieve the goal of the government to provide quality patient care 72 months ago 1
I would like to know when the system was designed & how & when updates to improve it are scheduled. 72 months ago 0
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