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As EHR's go for my specialty, OP is pretty good. But it is far from perfect. If the government wanted all physicians to be able to share patient data with other physicians / hospitals, they should have selected one company to make a product that would have suited every practice's / hospital's needs. Instead, there is a hodge-podge of products that are all less than perfect. 92 months ago 0
Office Practicum is a specific pediatric EHR, and is very responsive to concerns and suggestions from practices. 92 months ago 0
I only use data entry that I need for my workflow. I do not believe EHRs can or should replace paper charts for the 'story' of the visit or the thought process. I will continue to only use the bits of the system I am interested in. Also we have had episodes when system was down. Electricity and Internet is not that reliable. I was thankful for paper charts. Most recent shut down was Hurricane Sandy. No electric for 2 weeks no Internet for a month. Pt care could not wait! Paper saved the day. 92 months ago 1
We have a hybrid system. Our practice management system takes care of our patient scheduling, billing and patient statistics (number of asthmatics, number of missed appointments, etc). We have used them since about 1995. We were hoping they would provide a good EHR, but they have not so far. We are quite anxious about using the billing system of the EHR. It is costly paying for two support systems, but any interruption to our cash flow for more than two weeks would be very difficult for us. Our practice management support contract ends in 2 years and we will then have to decide which way to go--continue with a hybrid or go all the way with our EHR. A third but much less likely scenario is go with an EHR from the other vendor. Given the learning curve for an EHR, that is not a likely option. We will begin implementing our patient portal in the first quarter of 2013. 110 months ago 0
It makes a 15 minute visit take 2-3 times as long. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to get back to my pre-EMR volume. Some nights, if I have a meeting after work, I'm up working on charts until 1AM! And that's only working at 80% of my previous patient volume! There has to be a better about burnout! Should a pediatrician who's only been in practice for 11 years be calculating how she can retire? NO personal time! (Sorry--I'm pretty frustrated. We're only 6 weeks in...) 111 months ago 0
This is the best "pediatric specific" EHR out there! They are very responsive to physician and office concerns, and fix bugs quickly. There is an email list for providers to communicate about "how do I do this?" and the medical director is on this list. If it can't be done yet, she communicates it to the developers as an idea for improvement. 112 months ago 0
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