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Feedback Date User Comments EHR Rating
Streamline the medical history section 4 months ago 0
We had very limited training. That is probably why we struggle with this system. 4 months ago 0
Excellent overall system, easy to learn and use, highly recommend 4 months ago 0
Top notch system, recommend without hesitation 8 months ago 0
Love it. 20 months ago 0
Great support and training. 25 months ago 0
You should be able to pull up all old HPIs instead of just the last encounter's HPIs. 25 months ago 0
Sevocity definitely made a strong impact on the amount of pre-preparation with charts no longer needed before a patient visit. 28 months ago 0
EXCELLENT PRODUCT 45 months ago 0
This EHR (Sevocity) was my second one. I first started with iMed, and it was awful. Too little for too much money, support was horrible and staff was unavailable. Had to laugh when I used a laundry list of complaints that I could not get resolved with iMed and simply go down the list and ALL were available with severity. Changed and never looked back : ) 46 months ago 0
I have been very satisfied with this EHR from start to current date. They have been truthful and met any promised date they have given me. Training new staff is a breeze. Super user friendly. I would purchase it again in a heartbeat! Our patient volume has increased since implemenation and my providers and staff love it. 46 months ago 0
We are very satisfied with the product. 46 months ago 0
Cannot comment on the lab interface with quest or lab corp because after 2 years of requesting such interface I am still on a waiting list. They give preference to those doctors who sign up with their EMR over those doctors who have other EMR's. 46 months ago 0
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