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Sevocity is in my opinion is an EHR better suited for Family Medicine/Obgyn Practices. Unfortunately, it hasn't worked out for us like we had hoped as our practice needs are very specific and detailed. However, It was very easy to use so practices that has basic documentation needs will benefit from this EHR. 50 months ago 0
Training new staff and updates very easy and user friendly - company listens to the customer 54 months ago 0
Streamline the medical history section 61 months ago 0
We had very limited training. That is probably why we struggle with this system. 61 months ago 0
Excellent overall system, easy to learn and use, highly recommend 62 months ago 0
Top notch system, recommend without hesitation 66 months ago 0
Love it. 77 months ago 0
Great support and training. 83 months ago 0
You should be able to pull up all old HPIs instead of just the last encounter's HPIs. 83 months ago 0
Sevocity definitely made a strong impact on the amount of pre-preparation with charts no longer needed before a patient visit. 86 months ago 0
EXCELLENT PRODUCT 102 months ago 0
This EHR (Sevocity) was my second one. I first started with iMed, and it was awful. Too little for too much money, support was horrible and staff was unavailable. Had to laugh when I used a laundry list of complaints that I could not get resolved with iMed and simply go down the list and ALL were available with severity. Changed and never looked back : ) 103 months ago 0
I have been very satisfied with this EHR from start to current date. They have been truthful and met any promised date they have given me. Training new staff is a breeze. Super user friendly. I would purchase it again in a heartbeat! Our patient volume has increased since implemenation and my providers and staff love it. 103 months ago 0
We are very satisfied with the product. 103 months ago 0
Cannot comment on the lab interface with quest or lab corp because after 2 years of requesting such interface I am still on a waiting list. They give preference to those doctors who sign up with their EMR over those doctors who have other EMR's. 103 months ago 0
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