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MEDENT - Community Computer Service, Inc

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I have just started using the progress note, for psychiatry. It is horrible to use. All of the clinicians think it's awkward and unworkable. You can't move from one area of the chart to another without closing the first thing you were working on, or by using multiple screens. It takes 3 clicks to minimize a screen. Finding the time a patient entered the treatment room requires moving back through multiple screens from the progress note document. Symptoms seem chosen at random and are listed in alphabetical order rather than by syndrome or decision tree. The mental status exam is horribly disorganized. There is no section specifically designated for appearance; the prompts they give omit comments on distinguishing marks (tattoos, piercings, dyed hair, etc.) among other things. There is no section for speech, and speech items are found several different places. Sleep is included in the mental status exam! It's a complete hodge-podge that appears to have been prepared by someone who never heard of a mental status exam. I just found out that the owner of this practice signed 5-year contract with this company. I was planning to continue working here, but I don't think I can tolerate dealing with this system for documentation. 59 months ago 1
Medent is good, It is the global trend of IT required and $$$ that is overwhelming with all the meaningful use requirements 72 months ago 0
Excellent support, service 73 months ago 0
Medent is a fantastic system. I had it for for 8 years in my previous practice and made sure to use it in my new practice. They are open to suggestions that decrease the number of clicks. As an example, after customer suggesiton they developed a system to close the note, create and fax a letter to multiple doctors and close the chart with one click. absolutely Fantastic system! It is very flexible and customizable to the individual doctor. It is far superior to the EPIC system we are forced to use in the hospital. 75 months ago 0
The staff at Medent always responds to any questions the same day and with satisfactory results. We are able to create specific reports that we need for the various programs we are involved. We have been able to successfully report to the NCQA for PCMH....and the list goes on and on. 82 months ago 0
Dragon Dictate was useful addition. 83 months ago 0
MEDENT has become an additional partner in the truest sense collaborating to improve quality and efficiency of care delivered and assisting In the accurate conduct of the business of medicine. 83 months ago 0
Great support. 83 months ago 0
We encourage the group of physicians to purchase MEDENT in order to better communicate and manage populations. I also have a health home which is part of the ACA and has become well organized as a result of utilizing Medent. 84 months ago 0
Internal IT work and training over time is substantial and ongoing. The pace of change is a bit hard on the staff and often distracts from direct patient care. This distraction seems most obvious in the hospital where staff-owner relations are fading. 91 months ago 3
Very powerful system but costly. Frequently need help navigating and not intuitively organized. No after hours service at all. 110 months ago 3
No. System is fine but cumbersome but that is not the fault of the system it is the fault of the onerous government requirements. 92 months ago 3
This system works but at a high cost in time and dollars. 92 months ago 3
We, and most of our community were stuck with buying MEDENT. We had been using their billing software since before I arrived and they would not share their code with any other EHR companies. So, we either added the MEDENT EHR or started over with everything. The latter prospect was overwhelming. I have never been happy with the system. It is difficult to navigate and customize and they are not good at communicating updates with us and every module/feature that is added comes with an added monthly service fee. 112 months ago 3
It's basically just a word processor. What we need is a system that can automatically correct or at least flag things in the notes that are inconsistent. There also needs to be functional connectivity between everyones' EMR. I think a centralized databank sponsored by the Feds would probably work the best. 123 months ago 3
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