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Soarian requires multiple steps to access any information. Nothing is laid out in a user friendly order. Also some long standing high risk problems include inability to view blood bank issued products. Many times I ask pt's nurse to find out. Hardware is a huge problems for us as well and I suspect the software vendor made poor recommendations or MSHA tried to save money. Our system went down for about 2 months this winter because of hardware. Soarian goes down at least every 2 weeks. Soarian uses Snomeds diagnoses which means I spend much time searching for dx. They included an "ICD-10" box at the bottom of the progress note, which means if I want my note to reflect ICD-10 dx I enter the dx twice. Most providers are free texting notes and diagnoses b/c using the true EHR function is so time consuming it is easier and quicker to type out my note. We have an epidemic of note bloat as well, because the software is not usable. 55 months ago 0
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