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Cerner Corporation

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Score = 2.92 | nValue = 376

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Counter intuitive, exceptionally user unfriendly, unnecessarily complicated, makes users spend inordinately long times to complete orders, poorly thought through processes 37 months ago 0
The inpatient medication reconciliation is very poor and leads to many errors 58 months ago 0
I hate it. Record keeping fine, but the system has turned me into a quasi-ward clerk. A LOT of wasted time. 62 months ago 0
The EHR has mostly aided EHR companies, insurance companies and hospitals. It is has so far helped in billing. It has helped me sign charts from home, review lab and X-ray from a computer. I can also spend a nearly infinite amount of time reviewing digitally created and transcribed (thankfully thats still available) medical histories ( alas, in my own EHR only), and an unending stream of data. I previously was able to review the nursing assessment from home but now that the assessment is truly digital ( drop boxes which are clicked through several pages ) thats gone by the wayside (takes more time). As said previously, the digital record has added about two hours to my day. Totally unbillable time. The opportunity cost is extreme. What could I be doing with that time that I have less time to do? Talk to people, study, and take care of patients. I used to talk with physicians, nurses , therapists, patients and family. Now I go into quite room and type. Now I call computer support people and a whole host of people that have been hired by the hospital to make sure the EHR is functional. Its outrageous that there are a wide variety of extremely user friendly computer devices, phones, apps, tablets, goggles, watches and web based technology everywhere but the ones we use at a hospital are clunky, slow and difficult. The world embraces technology when it saves them time and makes what they do easier and better. I have a computer or some sort of computerized electronic device about every 10 feet in my house. The medical profession was forced quickly into this and are being taken advantage of by huge corporations making enormous sums of money. We are being forced to make the computers work at our hospital and are not being paid a cent. In fact, we have all taken a huge pay cut, not to mention the emotional toll our families have taken when we come home later and later. As you can deduce I have an opinion on this. 62 months ago 0
It is expensive with less benefit. 62 months ago 0
The EHR system we use is not clinician friendly or intuitive. It generates very voluminous and very poor, not informative clinical notes. It is difficult to find the names of lab tests when ordering them because standard terminology is not used. The designers of the EHR seem to have developed their own versions or names for tests and procedures. Names for diagnoses are grammatically incorrect. Medication lists print the number of refills, pharmacy called and other information as part of the medication list for the note, even though a clinician caring for the patient only needs to have the name of the medication, dose and frequency during the clinical encounter and doesn't need the other information except when refilling medications ( which may be only every 3 - 6 months). Having to scan through the other information to find the name of the medication, dose, etc takes extra time and introduces a risk of missing something important. 62 months ago 0
I was so dissatisfied, I dropped Cerner as my EHR. I put "I don't know" to many questions, because the feature was so bad, I never bothered to use it in my daily practice. 63 months ago 0
The processes of seeing and caring for patients has become more disconnected from the process of documentation, which has become overly onerous and less reflective of what's going on in patient care. Communication through the chart has become less effective due to the muddying of the SOAP note with pulled in labs, diagnostic imaging reports, and extraneous histories. Having office staff have access to hospital notes for billing purposes has improved timeliness and accuracy of billing for specialists in private practice. 63 months ago 0
I don't know that our system is any more onerous than any other--the concept itself is deeply flawed and highly destructive 63 months ago 0
EHR tool is a work in progress made more difficult by changing goals and costs of production 63 months ago 0
In my 32 years of practicing medication this EHR has been the worst experience of my career. I was using Centricity with an excellent experience for 5 years but had to switch to Cerner due to being acquired by a medical organization that used Cerner. 63 months ago 0
use 3 systems, one in hospital, one in wound care clinic, one in ID office 63 months ago 0
It is cumbersome, repetitive, many redundancies, not user friendly. 63 months ago 0
Our previous EHR was mediocre. We switched to be compliant with MU3. The new EHR, Cerner, is much worse; it is inefficient, unsafe and exhausting to use. I spend more time managing the computer than managing the patient. Many of the questions asked above imply that something is possible in the EHR. Many of these tasks may not even be possible in our EHR, so I suggest that in future surveys you add another option to indicate that function isn't possible, or isn't known to be possible. I received 12 hours of classroom training (all of this training was on documentation using templates for billing purposes.) I also had standby department assistance for several weeks while seeing patients. Using the EHR to generate lists of patients with certain diagnosis or for sending prevention reminders was never discussed. I am working longer hours, seeing fewer patients and feeling unsettled about the level of care that can now be provided with this EHR. In a fairly direct way, Meaningful Use has had a hugely negative impact on the care the patients in our community receive. 64 months ago 0
We are using integrated system for inpatients/outpatients. Not so good for outpatient care. 66 months ago 0
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