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Aprima Medical Software, Inc.

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All EHR systems that I am aware of are designed for revenue collection. Not for patient care, communication or ease of use by doctors. 72 months ago 0
The EHR did not have common problems in the Chief complaint to chose from making documentation of notes and use of the E&M calculator difficult. The absence of daily problems such as depression,anxiety, weight loss and the Medicare yearly exam makes daily documentation very difficult. 72 months ago 0
Company is very responsive to user suggestions for enhancements & improvements. 91 months ago 0
Some of the dissatisfaction comes from mandatory changes regarding e-prescribing which has resulted in inconsistent transmission of prescriptions. We are still going through a recent update to our program which has not yet been completely explained to us. 91 months ago 0
The problems are not related to this EHR, it is all EHR systems. They are designed to benefit data collection and billing, where I always used my medical record to improve my insight into the patient's needs. Those who are not electronic savvy or comfortable will always be at odds. My refusal to render a note where each category is noted individually to each patient makes for cumbersome and time consuming records. 91 months ago 0
Many docs had crappy notes before EHR systems. Getting an EHR system does not make them better note makers and they just have crappy but readable EHR notes. Many docs are loading up useless info (complete ROS every visit for example) in an effort to bullet proof their notes from audits but do not seem to realize they can create print sets that are more concise to share info with colleagues. 92 months ago 0
The messaging system is awful. The output is non-professional. The customization takes hours of tedious work. 104 months ago 0
I have found ehr has decreased productivity, decreased efficiency, increased frustration, and made the doctor patient relationship much less personal. It has not saved us money either. 110 months ago 0
The product is very good and easy to use but the support is the most frustrating portion, especially for a small office. 111 months ago 0
The lack of standards for exchanging information (office notes being most important) is the missing key. The desire to role out increasing useless meaningless use rules is making the systems worse. HIE is a joke given the list of those things that are going to be exchanged. Adding RIS systems to the EHR is really stupid. So far there are no states using the immunization feature that we all have running. Finally, EHRs do not make people better physicians. There is no data they save money. They do, however, increase use of prevention services - which is a good thing - but this costs money. Everyone seems surprised that EHRs are increasing health care costs but this is what all the vendors predicted if you care to review their white papers from 5 years ago. 111 months ago 0
I have a niche practice. I am a vein specialist. The Aprima EHR works well for me. The training on the ehr can not be stressed enough. The better one understands and works with the EHR the better one is with the record. I opened my vein practice in 2011. The practice was new. The office essentially started fresh with the EHR. We really had no other chart / record system in place prior to the EHR. 112 months ago 0
My biggest issue with Aprima is our ability to use the data to notify patients of a repeat visit or study at the appropriate time. Also, my concern is that out EHR will not be able to communicate directly with our local hospital's EHR when they finally develop one. 123 months ago 0
No system for callbacks (I do colonoscopies) the Labcorp interface still hasn't occurred, Quest doesn't work. Has doubled my workload. My hospital has no intention now of developing an interface with Aprima for communication. The hospital main radiology group have told me that if I want access to the radiology for example Id have to pay for my own interface. This whole EHR thing is I feel something akin to an organized crime operation. 130 months ago 0
There are many features I have not implemented that are available. Aprima has added an Internet Training option which will likely increase my utilization. Great product and great support. 130 months ago 0
Implementation consisted of team loading primary care type of information into a lab based Specialty practice - Nephrology then leaving after teaching the office the basic input steps. I, the physician, was reduced to rewording the template for a Nephrology based progress note and am now over 100 charts back logged. Lab integration is too expensive & was initially presented to practice administration as part of the program -- specifically asked if there would be a cost -- answer was no. Labcorp willing to defray cost but Aprima still asking for their $1500. Solo practice -- cannot afford to give trial to another EMR -- thinking of dropping current EMR & using free eRx software. 130 months ago 0
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