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Dismal legacy technology. Super slow with 5-30 second pauses frequent, in both the self-hosted and cloud versions. Glitches abound, it crashes every few hours. My patient care is significantly worse because I use this dreadful software. We feel locked in because it would be so expensive to switch. 47 months ago 0
Overall takes more time to do everything than before EHR. 73 months ago 0
I agree with colleagues that the reportable quality measures need to be truly meaningful and reports need to more "passively" accessed without adding another time consuming step to physicians already overburdened work day. 73 months ago 0
I still would prefer to be using paper charts. 91 months ago 0
Amazing Charts is good for an EMR. All EMR's slow down patient care and do not improve patient care. I have used three different EMR's. Multiple surveys indicate major negative impacts across all EMR's. 92 months ago 0
It does not provide a sense of improving my ability to be more efficient. 92 months ago 0
While satisfied with my EHR, I am not confident that it will improve patient care. I know that it makes my life more complicated and demanding and I worry that that it will lead to errors. It takes my focus away from the patient and towards the computer. The constant worry that I have more expenses because of it and lower reimbursement if I don't pass Meaningful Use attestation makes me anxious. I hope that working with a REC will help - and will send them their $600 check soon as they wont talk to me without paying for service. Alas, another new bill. I need more staff as a result of EHR and I really don't want to spend an extra $40-80K per year just so I can keep up. Right now, I don't enjoy the practice of medicine. I hope that will change. 92 months ago 0
Affordable and better than most EHR's. Why would anyone spend more money than necessary for such an albatross as EHR? 92 months ago 0
Overall, I would not purchase any EHR system but since I must, I would use this system. 92 months ago 0
This survey misses the point. My EHR system is as good as they get and as easy to use as they get. In fact, it is much easier and better suited to general practice than Centricity was. However, after 16 years of using EHR's I can say unequivocally that they interfere with the patient interaction, cost more, are NOT more efficient and do not reduce paper use! By far the best features are the prescription writing and management and access to data (once it has been entered). 92 months ago 0
Training on features available & their use is needed. However new requirements are currently nonsensical, like documenting smoking status on infants rather then exposure. Or getting blood pressure on all kids at all visits. Goals need to be useful & attainable 92 months ago 0
Not yet ready for MU stage 2. ICD-9 codes not as informative as a written descriptive diagnosis when I go back and look 3 months later. Reminder lists for preventive care not bad, but how they look in the printed chart is ridiculous. 92 months ago 0
Everything takes too much time 92 months ago 0
I wish we had a standard or group of standards for information exchange and EVERY EMR/EHR had to comply so the sharing of information was seamless. 101 months ago 3
This is my second EHR system and it is SO MUCH BETTER than the first one we had. It is easy to use and intuitive. We are still in the process of entering all the data and plan to open the patient portal soon. It is not a perfect system and we do not use it for billing at this time. It was obviously made for patient care first, and works very well for that. They plan to improve the billing within a year. (we have always outsourced the billing)..The company is very supportive and have been a joy to work with. Productivity is still down some, but is improving after over 6 months of use. Much better than our first system. Tracking patient data is easy and health maintenance reminders are a breeze overall. 100 months ago 0
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