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A good first generation EHR that has not kept pace with the needs of primary care. It has too few accelerators; limited templates for HPI, ROS, PE and A&P; limited ability to cut and paste text; reason for visit does not affect HPI, ROS, PE, etc.. Management of medications is very good and current. 44 months ago 0
created sig more physician clerical work, terrific distraction from the patient attention and clinical thinking, interferes with eye contact. 70 months ago 0
Too many clicks and screen changes to accomplish functions like med prescribing, clinic notes have tiny fonts and to scroll a lot to really review the info--very fatiguing to stare at computer screen all day long, drop down boxes are way too long and detailed, slow screen changes due to either distant servers or software design. 70 months ago 0
Primary care physicians who run private practices will never be able to justify the costs of an EMR system. 89 months ago 0
I've used several different EHR's and Allscripts Enterprise is, by far, the most poorly performing EHR I have used. I cannot understate my dissatisfaction with this product. 89 months ago 0
The service provided by Allscripts corporation has been unhelpful at best. 89 months ago 0
Company is not responsive to our needs or demands. You are held hostage by company. Too expensive to change. 89 months ago 0
Support over the last few years waxed and waned, but seems to have improved recently. 89 months ago 0
EHR's do not allow Flexability to search on outcome information. They are billing packages and ICD 10 with increased granularity will not achieve any better result. It is only going to allow administartors and Govt to look at practices with increased data that will not help Doctors assess the care that they are providing. NO SEARCHABLE DATA BASES EXIST! 89 months ago 0
We are still relatively new at this, but I feel like we are trying to reinvent the wheel. 89 months ago 0
Takes too much time, that is the bottom line. 89 months ago 0
Who designs these things? 89 months ago 0
Web based can be slow if Server not up to par. Limitations for customizing certain features. 89 months ago 0
Continual need to find ways to make the EMR more efficient and MD friendly (need less clicks). 89 months ago 0
The support and functionality had been dismal. 89 months ago 0
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