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Allscripts MyWay is being discontinued and we are looking to get another system. 83 months ago 0
Allscripts MyWay was dropped forcing me to learn a new system. 83 months ago 0
This was a horrible mistake. 93 months ago 0
I hate all EMR systems and I hate my EMR system in particular. Everything about it is a disaster. It has decreased my efficiemcy and productivity by at least 35% and it will never get any better. All EMR are a tool of bean counters who have zero idea what patient's need and how medicine is done. I had a fine system at my last office on paper and now everything has gone to hell thanks to EMR. Only a complete fool would ever think EMR is better than a paper system. It is one of the reasons I am counting the days until retirement. 96 months ago 0
Extremely difficult and time consuming - working 12-14 hour days to finish notes. No support what so ever. Program was discontinued 3 months after purchase and nothing has been done to transfer us to new program. Worst problem for me is lack of templates - only the HPI is included in the templates and they cannot be created. Extremely frustrating and a total waste of time! 98 months ago 0
Poor training, poor customer support, very slow system, dishonest information. 101 months ago 0
I like my system very much. I have not set up interfaces yet because my local lab is having difficulty with the first person they tried to interface with and have put all future interfaces on hold. I just recieved information from my vendor that they are discontinuing my EHR and will be migrating me to Allscripts Professional EHR at no cost. 102 months ago 0
Changed vendor support due to poor service and is better. Still takes 2-3x as long to enter a note than dictate or even handwrite. The difficulty of creating templates (extra $$$$) and lack of any inquiries about user needs is sad. Other systems that feature cut and paste are easier but prone to voluminous repetition of errors. Very hard to separate active meds from prior meds or to have complete med lists but attribute meds to proper MD is troublesome. I am very IT savvy and spend 1-2 hours every night charting. 103 months ago 0
I am sure the system could set up to work more efficiently, our practice does not have the time or resources to invest at present so we are just getting by with what we can do with it. 103 months ago 0
It is not an EHR unless one physician can communicate to another from computer to computer. As soon as data is dumped onto paper it ceases to be an EHR. 103 months ago 0
Allscripts is very hard to work with. After less than a year it is so bad we are looking at an alternative EHR system. Their support team doesn't seem to be able or willing to solve any of our problems. It has been a nightmare. We see fewer patients, the billing component is not reliable, our staff are frustrated and many are ready to quit. 108 months ago 0
EHR is terrible in its present form, interferes with patient care, is less efficient than dictation. It is nice to have info in a central location, to look up at patient old notes. 113 months ago 0
Too early to tell if the system will be truly helpful. Also, inconsistent training has contributed to a likely less than full utilization of the systems capabilities. 114 months ago 0
Not enough interoperability with Mysis. 114 months ago 0
Support has been very disappointing from the vendor and the reseller. 114 months ago 0
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