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This is the only EHR product I have used - it seems to be doing OK. There are small annoyances. 38 months ago 0
I am no more or less satisfied with this ehr compared to any other that I have used. My dissatisfaction comes with the functionality of ehr's in general, and is not directed at any particular brand. It improves the lives of coders, billers, patient access, but does not improve the care of patients and makes the lives of most of us in primary care worse, since we cannot process the same number of patients and remain sane, and therefore ehr's exacerbate the crisis in access to care for patients to primary care in rural areas. We just can't see the number of patients that need to be seen. Access is therefore compromised and patient care suffers. I think a scribe might help. 61 months ago 0
It has generated wrong patient data which may further reduce my income. My personnel and paper costs have skyrocketed, and the stupidity of most of the drug warnings and patient information make my life miserable. There are none of the features which would improve my practice, such as the ability to prescribe controlled substances, easy way to generate a list of patients taking a medication and more. 62 months ago 0
Would like to review others before purchasing again 62 months ago 0
EHR keeps things organized. A lot of features remain unknown. A lot of room for improvement. 62 months ago 0
very time consuming 62 months ago 0
it should be intuitive. like trying to guess what user is trying to find.ease of use ,able to access information can be improved 62 months ago 0
Most EHR are nothing more than an electronic paper chart. Provides no predictive analytics, poor quality reporting, etc. 62 months ago 0
Cost of maintaining server is vey high-would consider using web (cloud) based system today 63 months ago 0
My practice is looking into another EHR system because of difficulties with this system. 63 months ago 0
Very user unfriendly. hard to learn. Once you learn it, it gets somewhat easier. The system constantly freezes. 63 months ago 0
When they upgrade or update any function, they invariably disrupt some other function and needs days to correct the new problem 64 months ago 0
Most of the functions listed are very difficult to master or incorporate into our practice, that is why we use scribes and ancillary personnel to perform so many tasks you ask about. Any revisions, modifications or changes that I inquire about are not done because they are "unavailable" or "may be ready with the next update" or "are not able to be done with our current server (or some other aspect of our hardware)" or require so many steps and if the task is not something I do every day there is no way for me to master it and I simply hand it over to ancillary personnel and I have no idea when and if it is done. I generally take the path of least resistance and move on to the next patient and hope for the best. The potential of the EHR is extraordinary. It is a shame I cannot make it functional for me after 7 years of attempts and experience. 64 months ago 0
Not user friendly and very difficult to navigate. Not intuitive. Extremely dissatisfied with patient portal - it just creates more headaches and needless patient calls with questions that are not relevant to their health. 64 months ago 0
The basic problem is that it takes much longer to do a note about the clinical encounter than it did when I dictated my notes and the notes are much less useful as they contain far more extraneous information. 64 months ago 0
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