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The use of an EMR cuts my productivity by at least 40%. If I spend 6 hours seeing patients it then takes me 3 hours to complete the documentation. I used to have a scribe that would follow me around and do the charts with a minimum of my dictation. We had check-off forms for labs and x-rays and pre-printed prescriptions and basic templates that handled all the routine entries. 107 months ago 0
Excellent system. Easy to learn and use. Excellent VAR support. Excellent response from vendors. 108 months ago 0
I had the good fortune to start a new practice and thus was able to use an EHR from day 1. 109 months ago 0
This was not our first EHR, but our previous software became unsupported by the company, and was not linkable to meaningful use/CMS requirements. The new EHR is unfortunately symptom/complaint driven, which is often not the linkable ICD-9 or CPT code, and therefore links have to be created for each diagnosis, and there is no automatic linking. this is inefficient and frustrating. 120 months ago 0
We have the basic service - while nurses can enter data, physicians cannot enter a note easily. Nor can we create templates for our offices. Additionally, when I do circumvent the note writing and enter something anyway, I have to print it out or sometimes fax it (but usually I have to search for fax numbers from a separate system) and the email link does not work. Additionally, we have far too many different EMR systems in our healthcare system - not all communicate easily with the other. there is a clear disconnect. I look forwards to increased ease of use. 124 months ago 0
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