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AHLTA (US military system)

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    1667 K Street, NW, Suite 1050 Washington, DC 20006

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Score = 2.31 | nValue = 55

Feedback Date User Comments EHR Rating
A waste of money if the EMR does not communicate with other EMR from the Hospital to prevent duplication of work. 97 months ago 0
It is not customizable to a specialty or subspecialty. It is a one size fits all. In addition, sometimes icon's shift based on the sex of a patient but do so slower than you are able to click on the icon that was previously in that spot. 97 months ago 0
AHLTA is very slow and shuts down often. I spend a lot of time waiting for the screen to change. 97 months ago 0
With the exception of improved safety in prescribing, I have experienced very little that is positive about EHRs. After 10 years of use it has only served to limit further the amount of time available to see patients. It has extended my work day by hours and has diminished the quality of practice and enjoyment. The loss of patient privacy is significant despite assurances to the contrary. 110 months ago 0
An astounding amount of money has been poured into this system - yet it still wastes time and it still crashes periodically. 110 months ago 0
Not designed for ease of data entry for a specialty provider 112 months ago 0
It is very, very slow to respond, loses connection to the main server fairly often, crashes locally even more often, does not connect with ANY other computer system including state and county, does not include all the ICD-9 Diagnoses requiring us to make up diagnosis like "Rash" for a complex dermatologic Syndrome, does not generate written or electronic prescription for civilian pharmacies (just the main hospital and connected branch clinics electronically and phone call to local civilian pharmacies), requires separate encrypted email system to communicate with patients and has a very annoying spelling and grammar correction component. New abilities are added from time to time and just slow the system even more. 114 months ago 0
My experience with an EMR proves it is the single most inefficient way to document patient data ever invented by man. It has reduced my productivity by about 200%. 115 months ago 0
Would help to have email functionality built into the system, as well as ability to have HL7 patches from other systems (i.e Endoscopic Reporting Systems, ECHOS, EKGs) automatically populated into this system (AHLTA). Also usage of "active" notifications of lab, radiology, completed consults. 115 months ago 0
Unwieldy and seems to generate alot of unecessary documetation and information. 116 months ago 0
AHLTA has many features, probably more than I know how to use. Somewhat unreliable, though; is "down" or not functioning with a frequency that is frustrating (at least once per week), and is very slow sometime. When it is slow, it "freezes" for minutes at a time, which prevents further use of the system while it is "frozen." 116 months ago 0
It is too slow and too much clicking. 117 months ago 0
The beauty of AHLTA (the military electronic medical record) is that when I see a patient who has just moved here, I can see the notes/labs/medications/etc from his/her previous duty station, whether that was just one or two states away, or half-way round the world. For our mobile population, this is a godsend. 117 months ago 0
Individual providers have no ability to modify the many errors and deficiencies of the system. These must be sent to a central office, which may add them in to periodic updates. The system extends worldwide, and when working, is quite good. However, it goes down either locally or generally on a too frequent basis. Since the last upgrade two months ago, I have had an average of three trouble calls per week because of AHLTA problems. 138 months ago 0
The database is powerful, but the user interface is poorly designed. 139 months ago 0
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