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Would beef up the reports. 92 months ago 0
Next time I wold have hired people to implement a month ahead or close the office for two weeks for implementation. 111 months ago 0
This was my first EMR and there was a steep learning curve. It's outline form is easy to use, however terminology within the specialty is sometime cumbersome. As a solo practitioner we are trying to get deeper into the capability of the system, however due to lack of hours in the day it is difficult to schedule. Overall I'm very satisfied with the product and, in retrospect, comparing the final result with other EMRs I feel that the chart is much more professional in appearance and easy to follow. 134 months ago 0
We are now working on interface to the hospital lab and to Quest. I have customized my program and I am constantly updating my templates at this point. It takes longer to use the program, but I am asking consistently a lot more questions. 135 months ago 0
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