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It is clear IKnowMed Gen 2 was not ready for release. We essentially served as a test site. The vendor was not just unresponsive to our problems, the vendor representatives were arrogant and dismissive. They should be paying us. 69 months ago 0
This generation 1 of IKM is an old, but efficient system. It works well and quickly. Because it is old, it lacks some of the newer interaction modules you asked about. We will be going to Gen 2 in 4 months. I'm a bit sorry because this system works well. It is fully MU compliant and handles oncology items very well. 70 months ago 0
It has a lot of little frustrating things, but I don't know that it'd be any better with other system—these are things that are part of the nature of the beast of electronic systems - like, I"d like to free text the reason for the script,but it only lets me choose from a small list, so I often say other and then have to write more in the instructions, etc. 89 months ago 0
Has ruined my patient physician relationship, has slowed the entire office down, will never speed up—I know how to use it well. 89 months ago 0
The whole idea of EHRs sounds good but in reality is a huge waste of time and money!!! 90 months ago 0
Lack of interface for lab results is a problem. Lack of ability to see chemo regimens in a spread sheet is also a problem. Work load is actually increased by EHR There is a serious risk of mistakes. Finally EHR require "extra mental concentration" which is mentally tiring. I think that we need almost "a support group" for EHR users. 109 months ago 0
Though the patient portal is not yet available, Patients have access to all of their information in a "paper" format, and the patient portal will be available in a few weeks. We will be active immediately with full patient access at that time. 117 months ago 0
This is one of the most effective oncology-specific EHRs in existence. Oncology has very specific needs, such as ordering chemotherapy regimens and IKM is very good at this. The support is very good. We are frustrated at the slow ability to add enhancements, although we can request them. 117 months ago 0
I am hand-disabled. This EMR allows navigation by Dragon. 117 months ago 0
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