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drchrono Inc.

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    1001 N. Rengstorff Avenue, Suite 200 Mountain View, CA 94040

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Score = 4.04 | nValue = 28

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There are many pros to this EMR Company some are great customer service (always willing to help), they stay connected throughout subscription, they are easy to apply personal settings, they work off IPADs, and Doctors find it easy to navigate. 42 months ago 0
I enjoy the ease of use of Dr Chrono, scheduling patients and vitals and physical is a breeze 43 months ago 0
Good EHR. Nice print-out of notes. Would like to be able to better customize the default negatives, however. Would be nice to have eRx features in free version again. 44 months ago 0
It required a lot of work to get it set up. Unfortunately, I still deal with daily errors while trying to save documentation. I have tried to reach out and have had my concerns dismissed. I also had a problem with electronic refill requests that has still not been resolved after almost one month. Our practice has been unable to generate productivity reports that we need to track revenue correctly. Our clinic also seems to be getting several unsolicited calls from other vendors who will initially pose as a drchrono representative, but then admit that they are from a different company that is trying to sell us a service that "works with drchrono". 44 months ago 0
Customer service and support team are truly disappointing. Glitches in the online web base product make it difficult to bill in a timely manner. 44 months ago 0
Great EMR, total package 44 months ago 0
Dr. Chrono is a user friendly EHR with a smooth interface. There are a number of subscription levels, including a free version with quite a few features. I would recommend this product to any practice looking for the above qualities. Help is intuitive as well and easy to obtain. 44 months ago 0
ALL in one easy user friendly EMR System!!! 44 months ago 0
user friendly, rare glitches 44 months ago 0
I have been using Dr. Chrono for 3 years. I own a small acupuncture practice. I like the real time claims reporting, online scheduling, inventory management, and ease of use. The cons are no patient ledger, no point of sale, no doctor choice with the online scheduling. The cost is too high for a small practice, and I will be switching soon. Also, after 2 years with the company, they are now asking for annual contracts. 44 months ago 0
A very easy to use, all-inclusive system. Easiest billing system imaginable. Excellent functionality on all Apple products. Very good functionality on PC via Google Chrome. Intuitive flow. Easy to take clinical photos with iPhone or iPad. Simple form builder/template builder tools do not require advanced computer knowledge to customize every option one might need. 44 months ago 0
what I like most about this software is how user friendly it is. it's simple to really teach new hires how to set demographics, patient info, billing, scheduling. Etc 44 months ago 0
Solid EHR for the chiropractic practice. Integrated billing/insurance eligibility checks help streamline use. 44 months ago 0
Integrated, streamlined and easy to use. Online scheduling and bill pay. Templates that are easy to swipe on. Efax Integrated billing that makes insurance reimbursement fast and efficient 44 months ago 0
I have been with and using DrChrono for about 6 years now. They are always improving. It is a nice system that can be used multi-disciplinary. I am a chiropractor an I used it with a a medical Nurse Practitioner. What initially appealed to me is there was no multi thousand dollar up front software like a lot of other EHR companies want to charge you, along with yearly upgrade fees. None of that here so you start off saving thousands. 44 months ago 0
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