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Welford Chart Notes is an excellent system. It is not Web based, but is useful in a small or large practice. It was designed by a practicing internist, who continues to offer improvements to the program on a regular basis. I highly recommend it. 93 months ago 0
Spend more time filling in the report than time with the sick pt. have a hard time finding hidden data. if I don't take the computer into the exam room I am lost. I can't take the computer into the exam room because the battery runs out. Not a good typist so my impression and plan are terrible and not conclusive. The report, if viewed by the pt or other MD looks poor. A waste of time, done only so the insurance companies and medicare can find reasons to pay less and fine you. Not allowing me to do my job quickly. No thanks. Medicine is not a desirable career anymore. 94 months ago 0
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