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EHR is the emperor who has no clothes. A Rube Goldberg of a contrivance. 96 months ago 0
EHR is the ultimate contrivance to satisfy the needs of the non-physician: The reviewer. The Rube Goldberg of healthcare. What a joke and a pain. I am the computer guy for the office. Our EHR has been in place 8 years. Our notes are stellar, A+, outstanding because I took the time to build the templates. Not for me, but for the reviewer. Unfortunately, patient care suffers at the expense of documentation. The exchange of information FROM OTHER providers is the worst that I have ever seen. Our office sends notes electronically to ALL providers identified by the patient. The return on the investment is that docs call and say quit sending them. Hmmm... Think on this: After 30 years of practice, when I care for a lady with breast cancer who is taking her meds, has no symptoms, and no physical findings, is there a reason why I should document anything other than "Doing great. No complaints. Normal exam. Mammo due in January. Return in 3 months." Send me the reason for additional documentation. I am embarrassed and ashamed that the cadre of intellectuals known as doctors and the "intellectuals" who want the data have strayed so far from the primary goal: Patient care. And I am appalled that the oversight bodies have allowed Rube Goldberg to become such a cornerstone of "healthcare." No one can legislate honesty, integrity, or quality. An EMR does none of this. Although I have participated heavily in the development of a successful, useful, office-based EMR, I have done so only to satisfy outside pressures. For me, physician and healer have fallen behind documentation as job #1. 116 months ago 0
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