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The EHR and the documentation requirements make the doctors look foolish. Our emergency room doctors generate 20 pages of useless documentation. 80% of our office notes contain useless information. If we had scribes or speech recognition software, it might be better. We refused to pay $40,000 extra to have easy access to serial CBC results, so it's hard to find CBC results in our hem/onc office notes. How dumb is that? The only good part of the EMR, in my opinion, is the ability to remotely check lab results and office records. For proper medical management, the right diagnosis, and the right treatment we get NO recognition. For empathy and good patient/family interaction and satisfaction, nothing. For good documentation of the wrong diagnosis and treatment, we get paid. What's wrong with that? 62 months ago 0
Everything is great except for the voice activated software, which is like saying everything was fine on the voyage of the Titanic except the iceberg. I spend an inordinate amount of time dictating now and correcting typographical errors compared to the past. The inordinate amount of time taken away from my personal and professional life will probably drive me into retirement several years earlier than I would have otherwise. 64 months ago 0
The worst part is that we have had to contract a local billing company. OncoEMR is not compatible with codes and billing statutes in our state, Puerto Rico. Ideally, OncoEMR should make the necessary changes, so that oncologists in PR could also use their billing application. So far, this has not been possible. 82 months ago 0
We have not been able to link our billing system to our EMR due to peculiarities of local (Puerto Rico) laws and billing codes. 83 months ago 0
Difficult to come to a concensus among 6 practitioners in this office; everybody uses the system in a different manner. 83 months ago 0
Very expensive. Increases my workload. 109 months ago 0
The promise that the EHR will reduce workload and improve error rates and patient care has not materialized. 109 months ago 0
We are very satisfied with OncoEmr, I would endorse it 100%. 111 months ago 0
The system was poorly configured - for example on the "flowsheet" or treatment plan you have to click on the labs you want in the future and the screen reads left to right with the lab test name on the left and the check boxes are all the way on the right and you cannot scroll over to see where the exact box you are trying to select is the right lab. However, in the lab section they have the dates as right to left and it is perfect, just like the treatment plan should be. The spell check does not work effectively. 117 months ago 0
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