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This piece of junk navigates like a Mack truck. It is obvious that the computer nerds who wrote it never, ever, conversed with real doctors in practice. Many glaring areas of ommision and when we manage to customize the system, the changes are wiped out with each upgrade. There are many areas where entered data does not appear in the clinical note when it is produced. There is absolutely no way to adequately customize the encounter templates. Very cluttered pages and very hard to navigate, especially when the patient changes from one complaint to another. 89 months ago 0
In general, having a physician work as a computer data entry clerk is inefficient, causes deterioration in the patient encounters. Aside from benefits of having access to office records from hospital and home, and ease of prescribing, I do not find EHR useful at all. We still dictate our histories and plans, no EMR can generate proper documentation for these key parts of an office note. 89 months ago 0
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