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Networking Technology dba RxNT

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Cost $650 per year (a little more for e-rx of controlled substances) is very good. Prescribing is very good. EHR component is fairly flexible. Lab import is not good. 55 months ago 0
It was cheap and it met meaningful use but it definitely was more work and only helpful for med prescriptions. 92 months ago 0
For a small 2 doctor clinic , RXNT is affordable and has many features that enabled us to set up the clinic with a workable EHR. The prescription feature is easy to use, and is a time saver for receiving and sending medications to pharmacies. The staff returned my calls or emails in a timely manner to answer any questions we may have. Even a year later we are finding features we have not used yet. As you get more comfortable using the software you can flow through a patients chart with ease. 98 months ago 0
Easy to use, this vendor also lets me ePrescribe controlled substances. The custom templates really help me stay organized. 98 months ago 0
We are a very large psychiatric practice with 12 physicians and were looking for a EMR system that would coordinate efforts between our billing software, appointment software and scanning equipment. We use RXNT for esprescribing, EMR and Meaningful Use. As a psychiatric practice, RXNT helped us understand the requirements to get attestation dollars and worked with us on our numbers. Support has been good and they have worked with us on developing specific templates for our Evaluations and Progress notes. Because we do a lot of controlled substances, having the ability to electronically send controlled substances to those pharmacies that accept it has saved time and cost in printing prescriptions. 99 months ago 0
….I presently work in a small practice but I believe this will work just fine for a practice of 20 or less with very little hassle. Seems to have plenty of flexibility and customization to patient encounter templates, eprescribing, etc. Seems like a good company with good support. 99 months ago 0
I was skeptical about adopting an EMR for my Practice, esp. since I’m a solo practitioner, but a friend of mine recommended RxNT so I agreed to enroll in their 30 day trial (they agreed to 30 days free). Customer service seems to be good so far 99 months ago 0
After researching several available web based EHR's we choose RXNT based on: easy of use, ipad compatibility, cost, security and dependability. I own a small medical clinic and was looking for an EHR that had features that would allow us to provide accurate medical records without spending an enormous amount of money. The staff at RXNT are always friendly and very helpful whenever we have questions and offered online training when we first got started. They even provided a few months for us to try out their product before purchasing the product just to see if this was the right EHR for us. Our lab, Clinical Pathology paid the fees to set up our reporting, (yes it is a bit expensive) but after testing the labs are received, reviewed then saved in the patients chart waiting for the follow up appointment. For a small fee RXNT created a template that matched our office flow to make patient visits and documentation easy to complete. Even after a year we are still finding new features available to use. When you first get started you have to tab through the fields to get familiar with where to import information but once you get accustom to the lay out you have little to no problem completing the visit from intake to check out and escripting medications in a timely manner. But like any computer there are problems from time to time, issues are addressed quickly. One last point the MU staff is spectacular with just an email she would answer my questions and guided us through stage one which I am not sure I could have done without her. I would recommend you give RXNT a try just to see if this is right for your office. 99 months ago 0
You just can’t beat the cost of the RxNT eHr product at $650 and they have a meaningful use “package” that you can buy for $800 that is well worth it (if you’re trying to qualify for meaningful use incentive money). The system is web based so all I had to do was open a web-browser from an office PC, log into the secure website, and I was up and running. The system requires very little setup to get started and their training folks were good. A live person answers support line. The iPhone app is really nice for eprescribing. 99 months ago 0
The only frustration I have with it is that it doesn't have capacity to allow for customized templates. The standard ones supplied are not as I would like. The other interface/labs, etc. we do not use (psychiatric practice)so I have no knowledge of this either way, good or bad. 106 months ago 0
Using this EHR has been very difficult and it has not met many of the requirements for meaningful use going forward. It caused us to lose productivity and we feel it is detrimental to good pt care. 106 months ago 0
1. Labs: interface cost too much. CAN'T PUT RESULTS IN BY HAND, EITHER! 2. They do offer an integrated practice mgmt system but my partner was afraid to switch over to it 3. Excellent prescribing program, low cost, medical record system added later, quite adequate for a psychiatry practice 110 months ago 0
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