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The entire system is run by administrators who take control now of the medical record itself out of the hands of doctors. The only way to cope with this is to accept a lower standard of care, but that is the trend in American HMO based medicine. 96 months ago 0
Only records patient encounters. Presumably for billing. No history and intake information. No list of medications. With new CPT codes, have to log in 2x for each note and change from regular letters to all capitals back and forth because the state is afraid we might be using the wrong codes and might have to go back and change them, but everyone clicks "final" and not "draft" because no one is going to go back and change all the codes. 110 months ago 0
Netsmart is good at marketing, terrible at building software solutions. 115 months ago 0
I work in a Hybrid situation. We have had Avatar for at least 5 years, an early version. IT is NOT being used to its full potential. In my opinion this is the result of 1. Lack of easy familiarity with the product and that certain features were not "turned on". Likely not an EHR but rather a local (political) decision. National Practitioner Data Bank has not been updated in YEARS. The system doe snot permit easy entry of NDRC numbers so that many errors are generated by "Invalid NDRC number" - defaulting to severe interaction (for Poly Grip). Needless to say I am REALLY frustrated. In fairness to the product however, I can not completely and accurately state how much is the EHR and how much is a local issue. Basic functionality of the product however is very disappointing - and not a time saver. 116 months ago 0
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