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There are TOO many clicks necessary to get from point A to point B. Using a cloud based emr has its deficiencies in that it takes longer for screens to refresh, but unfortunately as a solo physician the MANDATES make it impossible both financially and logistically to operate on a stand alone server set up. I will stay with this emr for now ONLY because I am about to complete the 90 day attestation period and will NOT after all the frustration give up the $18,000 incentive money that will cover a miniscule amount of the cost I have incurred trying to comply with the government mandate that I believe was PUSHED forward for reasons OTHER than improved patient care. There is NO INFRASTRUCTURE for interoperability unless you work in a closed system organization where EVERYONE including all ancillaries are on the same emr. This exists only in urban centers or at places like the Mayo Clinic etc. 91 months ago 0
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