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Physician productivity has declined by ~20%. 77 months ago 0
Magic is robust and could be good, but the support we've received is dismal, and therefore the effect of the EHR has been very suboptimal. 96 months ago 0
The biggest liability with Meditech/LSS for outpatient use is the amount of effort required by physicians and staff in order to build the system to work the way we need it to work. We have one physician who has at various times devoted as much as 1/4 effort to this project over a period of 5 years, and if this individual had not become thoroughly versed with the programming behind the software, we never could have even gotten off the ground. It took us over 3 years to get from initial implementation to full implementation, and important functionality that we had hoped to be able to take advantage of is still not available (e.g. ePrescribing, patient portal, ability to import data from other vendors' products), or available only with considerable cost and trying to make interfaces with outside vendors. What's great about the system for us is the synergy and transparency between office and hospital, which is what sold us on this particular system in the first place, and that synergy has indeed added significant value to our practice, but it was a long hard road to get there, with very little help from the EHR vendor --- we basically had to build it and troubleshoot it mostly on our own. Our hospital IT department has been very supportive and has subsidized a significant portion of our cost during the startup phase, but the pain we went through discouraged other practices in the community from signing on, which was the original business plan for them, and we're still the only practice in our region using this particular product. 119 months ago 0
It takes many clicks to get anywhere in the system and if you don't know a lot about it already, the experience is very frustrating. It is not at all intuitive. To move from screen to screen, for example, you may need to use a small x, a larger x, an arrow key, an arrow in a green or blue box, or hit submit, back, return or patient list in different parts of the program. It has a very "cobbled together" feel. When was the last time you had to keep remembering to SAVE instead of having the program do it for you? Even the graphics have an antique look to them, and the printouts tend to shout at you in different type faces and sizes. It has almost stopped my work flow for the last 6 weeks. Also customization can be done only through company reps or regular IT people, which makes tweaking things very inconvenient. You tend to need many screens to get the information you need. 120 months ago 0
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