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Hospital purchased in 2005, have not gotten new versions. 34 months ago 0
This survey really doesn't capture the major problem with EHRs; that is their lack of interoperability (which appears to be a permanent condition). Our EHR is actually at least mediocre within our limited local system. It is however totally useless when patients stray to outside systems. The most serious problems I have faced include the financial impact of slowed workflow and the difficulty managing medications with the electronic list (which does not allow easy trending over time). I may actually go back to my prior paper record which was cheap, fast, more accurate and allowed easy longitudinal documentation. A small practice can not afford the IT staff to customize the EHR. Off the shelf products are almost unbelievably primitive compared with non medical computer products. 61 months ago 0
Time consuming, even with a scribe. 80 months ago 0
Hard to find other MDs information, even within the same system. 80 months ago 0
CPOM has dropped the efficiency of medical care by at least 1/3 (33%). 80 months ago 0
System was purchased by the hopital. 90 months ago 0
This hospital acquired system meets "meaningful use" criteria while succeeding to fail at ease of use as well as fail at clinical decision support. It slows the flow of work and creates errors of its own. 94 months ago 0
Stay with paper. 98 months ago 0
We didn't get much for 100 million dollars. 98 months ago 0
Medical industry needs Apple or Dell to take over and figure out user friendly systems that interface and provide patient care and safety #1. With meaningful use, performance improvement , patient satisfaction and billing data easily accessed. 98 months ago 0
Clearly not a system created by/for primary care, but chosen because of interface with hospital/nursing home. 98 months ago 0
The Meditech user interface we use in our emergency department is non-ergonomic, cumbersome, and fluky. It is slow and there are several episodes in which the program crashes, displays error messages, or hangs during my shift. If Apple or Microsoft released a product with this low level of reliability and intuitiveness, they would go out business. The interface requires a lot of concentration, which interrupts my workflow and my mental patient management process. The company is very slow to improve the system. Of all the software I use in my personal and professional life, Meditech is the least reliable and most frustrating. 98 months ago 0
As an ER physician the EHR has been a nightmare. Documentation of patient care, ordering tests etc take much longer then with a simple paper sheet. I am now physician, unit secretary and data entry clerk. I've also noticed that both the physicians AND the nurses now spend the majority of their time staring at screens and typing, instead of actually caring for patients. 100 months ago 0
This EMR was an "upgrade" from old VMS based Meditech and MAGIC office. I was skeptical that a windows-based product could work as well as what we had, but so many people thought the old interface was too old-fashioned and were unwilling to learn more advanced features it offered that we went with this anyways. The actual experience with it turned out to be even worse than any of us thought it could be. The online training modules made it look manageable, but at go-live, it barely worked at all. Though the initial intolerable delays and failures of day to day function were improved upon so that it is marginally tolerable, it is frankly an ongoing ordeal with extremely limited capabilities, many gotchas and pitfalls, poor responsiveness to individual complaints, and no promise of much relief over the next 1-2 years. I'm not entirely sure how much is due to the product itself and how much is due to our flawed and overly-complex implementation of it, but it still drains time and energy on a constant basis, and is unable to do some of the things the old system did efficiently and reliably. I find myself missing capabilities we have lost on nearly a daily basis. We have NO e-prescribing, NO direct clinician order entry, we still must do an extraordinary number of tasks with extraordinary numbers and varieties or paper forms, we have NO database capability as clinicians, and have been unable to import all the patient data from the old system into the new, so that we must still maintain and link back to the old system for this purpose. Many clinicians simply give up trying to find things, or assume if they don't see them where you'd expect they are not there, and re-order tests, sometimes multiply. 100 months ago 0
Nuance's Dragonspeak doesn't interface well with LSS, and many of our issues are centered around this problem. I spend more time typing and not dictating due to this issue, as well as proofreading errors when I do dictate. 100 months ago 0
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