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The biggest problem with our system is to generate information for sending to a doc we're referring to. Should be easy. Is not. 80 months ago 0
Our system is fine. The problem is the ancillary costs of making the system work. I wish we had never gone to EHR and continued with paper. The government penalties are not as bad as the lost productivity and lost profits. 80 months ago 0
It will be history by July when we implement our new KeyManagement system. Good riddance to ManagementPlus! MP is unstable and full of errors and poor functionality. Looked good during the demos, but once you start to use it you realize it is really really lacking. I couldn't believe the number of program errors that I had to report to them to fix. What a garbage program. I especially am glad I will not be subject to their ICD10 conversion. I can't imagine what nightmares they will propagate with that. And something is always breaking where we have to call support and get this module fixed or that module fixed. I had no drawing tools for 3 months while they tried to find the problem. What a JOKE! Don't get anywhere near these guys. They cost me a bundle, but I am glad to pay another vendor to get out of this NIGHTMARE!! 80 months ago 0
Takes a long time (1 -2 years) to really appreciate all that can be done. Only real problem is slowness but this is being worked on. As I do not ever order labs/x-rays many of the above questions are not relevant. We do have a patient portal in the system, but have not yet set this up. 98 months ago 0
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