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Allscripts (Eclipsys)

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It is taking an exceedingly long time to "build" out the Allscripts system to reasonable functionality. Use of the system is increasing physician time for documentation by 1-2 hours per day on an inpatient service. 55 months ago 0
At no time is anything ever done to make my work easier. Everyone in IT is authorized to add to my workload/keystrokes, change templates, demand more screens, and generally make my day more difficult in a way that I constantly find infuriating. 80 months ago 0
Of the two EHR systems that we use, I'm not aware of any physicians that think patient care has benefitted from their use. 80 months ago 0
While theoretically the most customizable of hospital EHRs, the work required to actually implement any new functions is way too much. The display of notes, which clinicians actually read, is completely unacceptable, with much too much scrolling and inclusion of repetitive and distracting text. Nothing is presented simply and elegantly, everything is fussy/busy. Training is a nightmare that Allscripts mysteriously does not support in any useful way. There is no one in this company who actually knows the whole system, and so all requests for help go thru a highly bureaucratic, inefficient routing process and often results in never figuring out the correct solution. It is much too complex. Their own consultants whom we have brought it often give wrong information. 93 months ago 0
Most of what I have experienced comes from inpatient setting or a hospitalized patient as defining "inpatient" is problematic. These systems are dangerous from the standpoint of patient care: medications are difficult to follow, orders are not easy to enter or track (what you read as being ordered comes out differently in the lab or radiology), doses and dosages are impossible to easily order or retrieve as to when they are given...moving from one venue to another (OR to ICU to step down) is medication roulette as no one can keep straight the meds which are to be continued and stopped. 97 months ago 0
Our EHR is only partially implemented. We use EHR based labs and prescribing and continue to use paper documentation. 98 months ago 0
EHR is not meant to improve efficiency for anyone in its present iteration. It only creates an easier way to track data/performance and improve billing. It is not something that would chosen by professionals to improve patient care, especially if dictation and adjunct order entry were of similar costs and the physician were a good at documenting. Although it is for the most part real time, which does have some benefits, all it does is shift the duties of adjunct secretarial staff , transcriptionists and coders onto the clinician's lap:-(( 100 months ago 0
Caregivers no longer care for patients - they care for the computer - as the majority of the work shift is spent at the keyboard. When the EHR goes down and we return to paper charts for a few hours, the efficiency of the hospital and clinics improve significantly. The documentation burden on nurses and the length of time it takes to compose and type a progress note are the issues. Even young physicians (residents) who have never dictated before find that they can dictate progress notes and discharge summaries in 20% of the time it takes them to do them electronically. 111 months ago 0
The EMR has improved with local NYP IT intervention. 115 months ago 0
Our system has been greatly improved by modification by the hospital. 116 months ago 0
There is a lot of information available about the patient and consultations can be accessed easily, but there is also too much information which is time consuming. 116 months ago 0
I work at an office as part of a large hospital system. The hospital system has had to employ many, many people to oversee the implementation of Allscripts. The most frustrating part is the lab data - it records lab data in a single column in descending dates. I.e. line 1 WBC, line 2 electrolytes, line 3 LFTs, line 4 HgA1c, line 5 ultrasound report, line 6 FBC from one month ago, line 7 stool culture, line 8 etc -- yes, you can graph and show trends - however to scan across several columns of all WBC's is much faster. To get notes into the system you either need to dragon or type a note. To make the note easy to document, they are template driven and documented in ways that no one would ever speak. If you expect a thoughtful discussion of your differential diagnosis - it cannot be found. We have lost the art of medicine. 121 months ago 0
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