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Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

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    Varian Medical Systems, Inc. Palo Alto, CA 94304

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I have yet to encounter another EMR as poor, inefficient, time consuming and frustrating as ARIA. I am familiar with EPIC and Ecare, and ARIA does not even come close. I just cannot say anything good about ARIA, I wish it never existed... 50 months ago 0
Very expensive, not easily customizable. 96 months ago 0
We are pioneers in EHR for oncology. With customizable decision support and physician 'orders' clickable to capture thinking and end of life and guideline compliance, clinical trial evaluations, interval care and advanced care directives, we were able to launch the first funded Medical Oncology Home with Anthem Blue Cross in CA. The ability to pull data, report to staff and doctors and analyze our population under care, therapy by stage and tumor features with supportive care, outcomes and costs as well as track interval care management with the impact of our care management programs all documented along with end of life care has made us able to provide comprehensive reports on complex cancer care. We are ready for value based care that is accountable and transparent. Our challenges: time and ease of data entry, time and money for upgrades, servers, fiber optic cables, hardware, staff training and ongoing monthly practice meetings of clinicians, staff and RNs to keep up and review data and standards and policies/procedures. We are also challenged with NO practice data management money or report writing money, no adequate reimbursement for the comprehensive care although we are pioneering the payment methodologies with ABC and with capitated IPA providers. 97 months ago 0
Very specialized radiation oncology medical record that is suppose to interface with the hospital's EPIC-- we will see. Needs to workout bugs on upgrades before implementation 97 months ago 0
Mine is specialty based, so it doesn't do everything a general one does. The main issue is developing the interfaces with the ancillary systems, and having the EHR adapt to the changes we need such as pathways 97 months ago 0
Much worse than paper charts. It slows you down. The screen is not scalable, and is difficult to read. The support for the company is poor, and very expensive. 104 months ago 0
The oncology practice uses ARIA but we are part of a large multispecialty group that uses Epic. The two systems communicate poorly. 105 months ago 0
I wish that our EHR was user friendly like many of the non medical software that is out there such as iTunes. 105 months ago 0
I use the radiation oncology part more (being a rad onc) but do also use some of the functionality that med oncs also use. 105 months ago 0
This system is primarily used for radiation oncology written directives (radiation prescriptions) and tracking diagnosis, clinical staging, treatment courses, etc. I have held off full implementation until Release 11 is available as I have good information that this will be a marked improvement in usability (much closer to IMPAC/Mosaiq's version of the system. An additional frustration is that the overall system does not permit treatment modifications of radiation fields without going through an entire treatment planning process (e.g. altering the radiation field edge by 5 mm to correct for clinical variation in setup.) This results in excess time on table for patients and ties up the linac unnecessarily 105 months ago 0
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